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Cheap, Non-Toxic Hand and Body Soap

Cheap, Non-Toxic Hand and Body Soap



I have been looking for a way to have cheap AND non-toxic soap in my house for a LONG time.  This idea came to me and I crossed my fingers hoping it would work! Well….it did, and I definitely won’t be buying nasty anti-bacteria soap OR expensive ‘natural soap’ dispensers any longer.

It’s not really homemade soap per SE, but it creates a way that you can use liquid castile soap for hand soaps and actually get suds. Plus, its CHEAP! After you buy the soap dispensers (mine were $2 a piece!), it only costs just over $1 for a whole bottle of soap.  I was looking for pretty clear ones online, and they were all more than I wanted this project to cost, so I opted for Hello Kitty. Under the paper they are simply clear plastic bottles, and if I can talk my 4 year old daughter into it, I may rip off the Hello Kitty cover on some of them!

Cheap, easy and healthy are the three requirements for most things I allow my family to put in or on their bodies. This meets all three :)



1- 32 ounce bottle of liquid castile soap (I use Dr. Bronner’s Almond because it smells amazing!)

Bottle with a suds pump (got mine at the grocery store)

Filtered water (or distilled if you don’t go through soap quickly and want it to last longer)

    • Empty the commercial soap bottle.
    • Use a funnel to fill with the ratio 4:1, water to soap.  My bottle was 8 ounces, so I did  6 ounces of filtered water and 2 ounces of liquid soap.
    •  Use in bathroom, shower, kitchen. I fill 3 bottles at a time!



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