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Nurse Mom: Small Abscess Healing

Nurse Mom: Small Abscess Healing

A couple of days ago my 5 year old son showed me what appeared to be a ‘pimple’ under his upper thigh (Day 1). I didn’t think much else of it until he showed it again to me a couple of days later (Day 3) saying he thinks ‘it needs to be cut off’. This extreme language made me question if it was something more than what met the eye. After I palpated it I realized there was a small abscess growing under the skin the size of dime. This definitely made me pay attention more.

I began applying “On Guard”, immune essential oil blend, directly to the area, as well as supplementing with vit C, elderberry extract, and making sure I was regular with cod-liver oil and probiotics. (He has been in the sun a lot so I didn’t give addition vitamin D.)


Day 4 it had become the size of a quarter underneath the size and the reddened area (Erythema) on the skin had expanded a considerable amount. No fever. Good appetite (too good!). Regular activity levels, regular sleep.


I will continue to treat the situation as described and will monitor the size, tenderness and redness over the following days to see how this progresses/resolves. I will share the results with you regardless of what I decide to do. I do not believe that it will require antibiotics or I&D (incision and drainage, the typical treatment for an abscess).


Diagnosis: Abscess (yes I CAN diagnosis my own children, thank you)



  • ‘On Guard’ Essential oil
  • Lavender Essential oil
  • Vitamin C (acerola cherry powder)
  • Elderberry extract
  • Cod-liver oil
  • Probiotics (in food and supplement)
  • No refined sugars


Prognosis: Complete healing from this infection, without the use of antibiotics or I&D




*Don’t mind the adhesive marks from the bandaid 😉

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