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Here are my family’s favorite recipes, all made with completely natural and whole-food ingredients.  We  use organic produce and grass-fed/pastured animal products whenever possible. These recipes follow principles of traditional diets explored by Weston A. Price Foundation.  All my recipes are gluten-free and lactose-free, and most are grain-free. Even if you don’t have any dietary restrictions you will find these healthy recipes are easy to make, made with typical ingredients and taste delicious!

Please adjust to personal diet protocol and taste preferences. I do not give an abundance of cooking details, please feel free to use your cooking sense and experiment a bit!


Sweet Snacks and Desserts:








Staples and Ferments:


GAPS intro recipes:


*A recipe will only be labeled ‘PALEO’ if it is dairy-free or has a easy dairy-free option. If it is paleo + dairy it will labeled it ‘PRIMAL’.  Rice recipes will just be labeled gluten-free, not paleo as some go by.



Any questions on a specific recipe, please let me know. Enjoy!

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