In regards to health, people want WHAT WORKS. That is why medication has become so popular over the years!  Quick, easy, and it ‘works’.  Well if you’re reading this Nutritional Therapy site you probably already recognize medication is not the simple answer for most of the health problems that plague us. Instead of a flashy million dollar pharmaceutical commercial, why not hear from the mouths of people who have experienced renewed health.  I wish you could sit and have tea with all the many people who have found hope and healing through natural health, but you’ll just have to take their word for it.  



 Shelley-  Elmira, NY USA
I began working with Lauren in March 2015. I have been recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and, last year, with Celiac’s disease. Since going on a “gluten free” diet, I did feel better, but knew I needed more help. Tired of taking over 6 prescription medications, feeling extreme fatigue and generalized body aches, I came to Lauren for help. And help she did!  My life has changed dramatically!. Following  her recommendations, I feel like a new person.   I am able to function without pain and my fatigue level has dropped dramatically!  I am only taking one prescription medication for the Hashimotos’s. I know now that the medications I was taking were only band-aids. Lauren has helped to determine the “Root Cause” of my symptoms and I no longer need the medications as the symptoms are under control with dietary changes. Thank you Lauren, for being so helpful and always available for questions.



 Beth-  Jasper, NY USA
I started seeing Lauren as she was working her way through Nutritional Therapy School. I found her to be compassionate, knowledgeable, a great teacher and very passionate about her desire to help people regain their health through a holistic and natural approach. When I first came to to Lauren I had been struggling with my health for several years, I was taking between 6-8 different prescription drugs a day, along with several over the counter medications. Healing has been and continues to be a long, slow process with many ups and downs, but today I am prescription free. I can sleep through the night and for the first time in several years, I feel like regaining my health is within my grasp. This wouldn’t have been possible with out Lauren. Her knowledge, passion for health and encouragement have been a life saver!    


 Glenn- NY, USA
I began working with Lauren when my cholesterol had gone up significantly despite being on a Paleo diet for over a year and a half.  This was not the “typical” response expected with the changes I had made to that point and I wanted advice/recommendations more specific to my individual situation. After a very thorough interview and evaluation, along with a detailed diet analysis, Lauren gave me specific strategies to implement, nutritional changes and “tweaks” to tailor a program to my needs, taking into consideration my history, preferences and response to changes I had previously made. After putting her recommendations into practice, a retest showed a dramatic improvement in my numbers. At the initial session and on subsequent follow up contacts, Lauren was very supportive, knowledgable and able to work in a partnership to further refine a plan to continue to make further gains. All in all, the process was very positive and provided valuable insight into what was a puzzling, frustrating situation. 


  Erica-  HHDS, NY USA
I started my nutritional therapy journey today with Lauren Smallcomb!! I am so excited! I transitioned to a whole foods based diet after moving to NY a couple of years ago and have made some great changes for my health. Her consultation has helped me create goals and a vision for taking my wellness program to the next level. I highly recommend her!


I am so very grateful to Lauren for helping me address my cholesterol naturally and get off of harmful statin drugs. Not only did my total cholesterol go down, but my HDL (‘good’ cholesterol) went up, my LDL (‘bad’ cholesterol) and triglycerides went down.  My chronic joint pain has also significantly lessened. I feel better and experience fewer feelings of hunger thanks to her dietary advice that was specific to my needs. It wasn’t easy to change, but Lauren encouraged me to improve my health and be proactive against future health problems developing. Oh, did I mention that I have also lost 20 pounds and I am the size I was 30 years ago?
 -K. Corning, NY USA
“I lost 10 pounds during the 3-week cleanse of RESTART. My goal was not so much weight loss as I wanted to feel better and see if I could do something to help my BP. When I started I just generally felt like dog meat. I was tired, lethargic, unmotivated and always eating to see if I could boost my energy. After starting RESTART, I began to feel better and lose weight pretty quickly, BONUS!!! I am not “hungry” anymore. I don’t eat to boost energy because I ALREADY have it!! My mid-afternoon naps are thing of the pass. As I told the group, it was not unusual at all to literally fall asleep with my chin in my hand in front of my computer every day at about 2pm. Many times my husband would come home from work to find me sleeping in my office chair (I work from home) at my desk. The afternoon crashes were awful, completely depilating. RESTART has opened my eyes to how unhealthy my eating habits were, and I thought I wasn’t that bad! As cliche as it is……. RESTART will change your life, if you let it!!!”
          -K.  HHDS, NY USA
 I am down a total of 45lbs. Still working on more. My goal was to be as healthy as I can, but still loose weight. I went back for a check up and I am no longer considered pre-diabetic. My A1C levels are completely normal and my insulin levels are normal.”
  -L. Corning, NY USA
I first started seeing Lauren in July of 2015 in hopes of losing some weight. I’ve gained about 50 
extra pounds over the last 30 years, and while I didn’t have any MAJOR illnesses (yet), my doctor kept telling me to lose some weight.When I first started seeing Lauren, I honestly had a tough time coming up with ‘health complaints’ when she asked for some . . . but in hindsight, here are a few of the things I used to live with every day that I had no idea it would be possible to feel differently!
1) Constant dark circles under my eyes.
2) Frequent break-outs on my face (I have rosacea but flares happened once or twice a month).
3) Swollen feet and a heavy, tired feeling in my (lower) legs when I spent any time on my feet.
4) Nights when I CANNOT get to sleep until 1 or 2 am.
5) Pain in my joints (knees, hips, elbows, fingers).
6) Brain fog.
7) Mid-day exhaustion (if I don’t take a nap I’m going to cry!)
8) This one is probably TMI – constant gas and bloating as well as often runny 
bowel movements – and hemorrhoids!
Kicking SUGAR out of my life and learning to listen to my body has made a huge difference in 
my life. I’ve lost between 20 and 25 pounds and I’m not starving myself! I believe I can stick 
with Lauren’s “protocol” for the long term – I will lose more weight, my body will heal itself and 
I will feel great for a long, long time!