• Do you expect me to give up everything that tastes good? I like to eat!

Great question! Most people have an aversion, if you will, to the notion of ‘healthy eating’.  This is understandable.  Since science and food companies began marketing food decades ago, people have been bombarded with messages of what they SHOULD and SHOULDN’T eat. No wonder we’re all confused! Often the health food-like products that have come out taste awful. The food that I advise my clients to eat is REAL, DELICIOUS, and SATISFYING. It might take a little time to get used to eating whole foods, and to cut your addictions to harmful foods, but once you’re through you will be amazed how much you LOVE REAL FOOD!


  • How long does it take to feel better? I’m desperate. 

I know you want someone to be able to lay out the map of your road to being well again, but it’s just not possible. Variables like the level of dysfunction, the amount of years you’ve been ‘sick’ and your commitment to this process will in large part determine the speed at which you will heal.  But this is not always the case, some people experience almost immediate results from issues they have been dealing with for years.  I hold the concept of ‘bio-individuality’ high in my practice, viewing every person as a unique situation, requiring a customized recommendation plan.  Honestly look at what your options are for dealing with your health challenge, and make the decision of which path you can live with for the short and long term.


  • Do you stand in the place of my physician? Are you different from a dietician?

No. I do not diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Ideally, Nutritional Therapy compliments or augments conventional medical care. You will continue with your doctor while you work with me, and you will be strongly encouraged to keep open lines of communication with your medical providers. Any medications that get discontinued will be under the supervision of your doctor.  A Registered Dietician (RD) typically follows the USDA guidelines for what to eat.  While these guidelines have some value, they are very different from traditional diets that have sustained cultures for centuries. While traditional diets around the world look very different, they have foundational principles that are found in every one. These principles are where my understanding of a nourishing diet comes from. I am a Registered Nurse, and while this has certainly shaped my understanding of health, my scope of practice while I am working with my clients is solely as a Nutritional Therapist.


  • Do you take insurance or offer discounts?

Unfortunately, most insurance companies aren’t strongly behind PREVENTION as the key to the medical crisis the US is in, so therefore, they continue to cover unbelievably expensive interventions and surgeries to ‘fix’ would could have been prevented by natural interventions ….and not cover most holistic health modalities such as Nutritional Therapy.  Working in mainstream medicine has convinced me that often the health care people pay into is not giving them true health, and that often times a person has to make that investment for themselves, apart from the aid of insurance, if they really want to get well. I understand first-hand the challenge of paying for natural health modalities, and to assist those interested in Nutritional Therapy I have provided my services discounted in different packages and deals.

  • Are there any diets or conditions you won’t work with?

I am open to working with any clients on a variety of different diets. The two exceptions to that would be vegans who are not willing to incorporate any animal products into their diets, and also those eating the S.A.D. who are unwilling to make changes to what they are eating.  People with a wide variety of health problems can have great benefits from Nutritional Therapy. Individuals with cancer, or other clients whose physicians would not see them if they were to take any nutritional/supplemental support, would not be a good fit for Nutritional Therapy.