Dealing with health challenges is overwhelming.


It is time you get the compassion, experience and dedication you deserve.


I understand. The road of struggling with your body to act and feel the way it is supposed to, is a very familiar road to me.


As a nurse I’ve also watched many walk down that road. Desperate for relief, earnestly seeking answers. It’s a frustrating, lonely and hopeless road.


But it doesn’t need to be.  There are reasons our bodies malfunction, and there is so much we can do naturally to create an environment in our bodies to work normally! Without risky interventions like medication and surgery, we can actually facilitate CHANGE in the very function of our bodies.


I’ve seen in happen in my body, and I’ve seen in happen in many others.  Without turning to natural medicine 8 years ago, I would be in really bad shape right now, and the vibrant health of my family would also be missing.  It is this transformation that drove me to become a natural health practitioner myself, so I could knowledgeably extend this incredible healing to others.


I have 10 years of experience as a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department and I am a Certified Nutritional Therapist through the Nutritional Therapy Association. 


Working in the medical field I’ve developed a strong desire to help understand nutrition and its connection to the chronic health problems that plague modern people.  Educating people, and encouraging them to be mindful about the decisions they make in regards to their health has been a passion of mine for many years.

 forest path

As I guide my clients towards seeing their health goals become a reality, I encourage them to listen to their bodies, advocate for themselves, and “Make Space for Healing”.


Nutritional Therapy is a highly effective approach to get the body’s functioning back to normal. It is truly my pleasure to help those, near and far, in need of a fresh start with their health.


Lauren Smallcomb RN, NTC