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What is the GAPS diet?

The GAPS diet is a healing/therapeutic diet used with the intention of restoring gut flora and function to its natural state, which in turn brings balance to the immune system and nervous system.  When addressing the ecology of the body you find many systemic problems resolve as the wide-range of beneficial bacteria’s roles are brought into appropriate functioning. This program is intended to be a temporary healing diet,ranging anywhere from 6 months to 2 years+


The ‘allowed’ foods were designated by determining ease of digestion and availability of nutrients to a compromised system. The primary groups of foods that are excluded are grains, sugars (apart from fruit and honey) and lactose.  The diet is based on whole-foods and traditional-diets that have sustained cultures around the world for centuries. The food eaten daily is unprocessed, in its natural state, full of available nutrients to nourish a deficient body.


Two-fold Approach:


  • Eat foods rich in beneficial bacteria to replenish the system with much need probiotics



  • Avoid foods that do not digest properly in a compromised system, removing the food that harmful bacteria thrive on, which in turn starves and destroys them



A person eating “GAPS-foods” finds themselves highly nourished as all the food they are consuming is very nutrient-dense.  This correcting of deficiencies greatly helps the body’s functions normalize, which makes for a healthy person whose bothersome symptoms fade away.


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