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Natural Healing Stories- Autism

Natural Healing Stories- Autism

natural-healing-stories autism


Today begins an amazing series on Natural Healing Stories!  I have been wanting to share these incredible, encouraging stories for some time now. The chance is here! When you have chronic health problems, hope is often a distant memory.  Let these stories infuse hope and courage into those of you who are struggling with your bodies, or the family and friends you love who are in desperate need of healing.

Healing From Autism

I am so pleased to share with you an interview of a really amazing mama I met a couple of years ago.  When I met her another friend had told me that her son was diagnosed with autism, but ‘lost his diagnosis’.  I was AMAZED. I picked her brain and asked her a million questions about what she did to help her son’s body recover from such dysfunction.  I watched as her son played with my son of the same age and would have never been able to tell that he was even close to an autism spectrum disorder.  I’ve moved away from this friend, but have enjoyed keeping in touch with her and seeing how her lovely family is doing. I am so pleased to share some of her healing story with you here on Mindful Mama.


Tell us briefly when you first starting noticing your son was ‘sick’?

After Fosters 12 month shots…which were done at 13 months…he legs swelled right away. That same night. .he struck a fever of 104…we went to emergency room. .they couldn’t explain why. Foster knew how to say about 10 words. Such as mama, dada, up, kiki for kitty, ball, go etc…within a few days he would look at me & try to say Mama, and he could.only get out mmmmmmm…then by 3 weeks quit talking.

What official diagnosis did he receive from the medical field? How did they come to that?

I decided to take Foster to a private psychologist in Charleston. I didn’t want to wait for SC waiting list… We took Foster at 16 months. ..she diagnosed him with Autism.

In your opinion, what treatments (natural or conventional) have provided you the best results?

Right away we started the GFCF (gluten-free, casein free) diet…1st no milk..his eye contact was coming back…he laughed again. .my heart was jumping for joy…my baby was coming back to me!!!

Took out all gluten next…speech was coming…Yay!!!

We also use bio-medical supplements. ..this helps his gut & immune system fight back and helps him focus.

We did every therapy known to man kind. EI, OT, PT, SPEECH, ABA ,TALKING TURNS ,HYPERBARIC  OXYGEN THERAPY & sensory therapy. ..

All were amazing. ..sensory therapy was the strangest…but it brought back a lot of Fosters senses of touch…he never hugged or kissed anyone…gave you his forehead to kiss & hugged you backwards…giving you his back…he wouldn’t wear a hat…after this 8 week course every day 2x daily. ..

Foster wore a hat…Foster kissed me on the lips…Foster hugged me…I cant tell you the joys of what some people take for granted!!!!


What treatments (natural or conventional) have caused the most problems or brought about little healing?

None…all were good…my hope is that moms don’t ever give up!!!

I beat this …so can you!!!

Your present condition:  What symptoms/issues are you still trying to get past? What symptoms are no longer a problem for you any longer?

Foster has been mainstream since he was in 4K…he’s still on the diet. .still receives OT & ABA, and takes the nutritional supplements.


He jumps a lot when he gets excited and he says his favorite subject is NASCAR.

What encouragement would you offer to those seeking natural healing from medical problems in their life right now?

PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP…fight for your loved ones!!!

And please remember you have rights…and you don’t have to vaccinate if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. There are either religious or philosophical waivers in almost every state for school/daycare.



How I Got Fired (More Than Once) By My Pediatrician

How I Got Fired (More Than Once) By My Pediatrician


fired by pediatrician




I’m a RN.


You’d think that would have helped me out some when it came to room for me to ask questions and advocate for my children’s health.




I was seen the same as you. Just another crazy mom, questioning the medical establishment, and the holy vaccine grail… too much for her own good.


Round One


 I began my exit from mainstream medical worship around the time I asked my first son’s pediatrician (he was 3 months old) why there was aluminum in vaccines (a widely available fact).  After she looked at me and said “oh there’s aluminum in vaccines?”…and I answered affirmatively… she proceeded to tell me that I shouldn’t worry about avoiding toxins in vaccines unless I’m avoiding them altogether in the rest of my environment.  Hmm…because THAT makes sense.


Over a few interactions and refusal of my sons 4 month shots, she saw my skepticism and unanswered questions were mounting.


red bookThis is the time she offered to let me borrow her AAP “Red Book” on Infectious Diseases.  This big ol’ scary book was sure to bring me back over from the dark side.




This book was KEY for me, with all my brain-washed nursing background, to realize that my child was at low risk for almost all of the diseases that were vaccinated against.  And the diseases that they were most at risk for contracting were diseases that had very low complication rates, and practically non-existent mortality rates.  I simply made a list of risk factors for contracting each disease, and checked them up against my actual child’s situation (risk factors such as daycare setting, crowded living space, poor immunity, non-breastfed, premature birth, and poor nutrition).  (By the way this individualized care could  be done for each child’s unique situation, but the time and intentionality it would require would NEVER happen in the mainstream medical setting.)


Instead of her book being an effective scare tactic, it brought knowledge, understanding and empowerment.  Growing up Catholic we were indirectly taught that the priests were the ones who could interpret God’s Word for the people, as the people were certainly incompetent to do it themselves.  Here I was facing that misguided belief again:  Doctors know the truth, and they alone can translate it accurately to lay people.   I strongly believe clergy do not have greater access to the truths of God, and I also believe parents should never feel they are incompetent to delve into this complex topic and come out with a solid understanding of the facts. 


Here began my relentless quest for as much data, information, theories, philosophies, historical evidence and facts as I could possible consume as a mom responsible for her child’s health.  My thirst was insatiable, I could not stop until I had asked and answered a million and one questions.


cute diverse kids mamimozart


While still naïve, I was hoping to find a pediatrician who was more educated on vaccine issues and more open minded to the right of parent’s choice. (Did I mention that office ‘unintentionally’ gave my son the Hepatitis B vaccine during his 2 month appointment? BTW that happens often)  So feeling VERY unwelcomed and uncomfortable in our first pediatricians office, my husband and I sought out the care of another pediatrician that we heard was more open.


Round Two


Just leaving that last unpleasant situation we were pretty upfront with this new pediatrician.  I told her I did not need a well-child doctor, but rather would like to use her expertise when my children were sick, and I was unsure how to treat them. I gave her a two page list of the bullet-pointed reasons why we were not vaccinating at this point, and asked her to place it on my chart. (I WISH I could see the snickers from the office staff as they read over it…..the same lack of respect they show for parents who hand them their birth plan). We discussed vaccines in length and these were the most notable statements she offered:




“My patients, and your children’s health is the most important thing to me, and I would never use vaccinations if they could cause problems in these children.”


Oh and then there was the, “the connections that have been made between vaccination and adverse effects are ALL coincidental. None of them have been proven to be ‘causal’. “


Yikes.  She was no different. But I was here and I was going to give it my best shot (no pun intended).


  I asked her if she was comfortable with us not coming to well-child check-ups (as I know has my second child who was around 4 months), and she said she was fine with that.  She said as long as she saw them ‘once in a while’ that would be fine.  Well, my kids are rarely sick, and when they are I effectively support them at home.


 One day, however, both of my kids had ‘pink eye’. I was using breast milk and tea bag soaks and it had yet to resolve. I was working that night and weekend and was going to be leaving the kids with my hubby.  So thinking ahead I called my pediatrician’s office to request an antibiotic eye drop prescription in the event that it did not resolve on its own.  Well apparently that flagged out chart and reminded the Dr. that we had not been there for some time now, and I got the reply that she would not call in that prescription, and that we would have to come in so she could see the kids face to face.  Well, I had no time to bring them in and quite frankly I was annoyed by the way I was being treated. I did not go in and, surprise, my children’s healthly little bodies recovered fine from that minor infection.


The story was not over.  A few days later the mail man knocked on my door with a piece of certified mail for me to sign for.  I signed in confusion, shut the door and plopped down on my couch to see what in the world this was.  Much to my surprise I opened a very defensive letter, written by my pediatrician, stating if we did not schedule a well-check appointment in X amount of days, then we would be dismissed from the practice.


cancel-97633_640Shock.  Serious shock. How in the world, as her customer, voluntarily using her services as we needed, was getting KICKED OUT of her practice because we weren’t playing by her rules.  O…I was mad. I was really mad. Had medicine really become this?


My husband and I talked and prayed and talked some more.  We felt completely disrespected as parents, and that our wishes disregarded. It was very clear who was in charge here, and it sure wasn’t us.  We decided to not continue care at this office, as they unfortunately did not value us as their patients. I wrote a letter, expressing the huge disappointment in their professionalism and care, and never heard from them again.


Onto the next pediatrician.


Round Three


She was very kind at first, did not push vaccines, and even ‘let us’ wait on treating strep throat with antibiotics (which we successfully fought without them!!!) But as time went on, and more conversations were had that showed how completely different our parenting/health paradigms were, things got a little more hostile.




One day I found a tick on my son’s skin that appeared to have been there for some time.  We had several family friends who had severe health problems with Lymes disease, and the recommendation from these natural advocacy organizations they were working with for Lymes disease was to treat all tick bites prophylactically.  This REALLY stressed me out as I have never given my children antibiotics, and did not want to in any way.  But I spend the next 24 hours reading as much as I possibly could about it and we hesitantly came to the decision to seek out the preventative antibiotics for the potential that the tick that bit him had Lymes disease. I called my pediatrician and told her our concerns and that we would really like a prescription for Lyme-prevention after this tick bite.  I talked about how it is becoming more standard to give them for prevention as the window of opportunity is so small.  I told her I was hesitant to give them, but that I was really uneasy about Lymes disease and that I would give aggressive probiotic supplementation during and after the course.  She agreed to write me the prescription and that was that. (Looking back I’m not sure if I would do that again, I’m still trying to figure out my approach when it comes to tick bites, but I still feel it is a parent’s right to request certain treatments they have educated themselves on).


Or so I thought.


I called a couple months later for something like a physical, and the receptionist put me on hold. She came back and told me that we were no longer welcomed as patients of this Dr.


Jaw on the floor.


I fumbled over my words, questioning the receptionist’s words.  She told me she didn’t know why, but that is what my doctor had said.  Once again I was totally deflated by the tactics being used on me because I did not comply with the way they expected patients/families to behave.


 I asked to talk to the doctor.  She called me back and we had a very emotional conversation about what had happened. She told me that she will never be pressured like that again and that it was totally inappropriate of me as the mom to ask her for what I want for my kids.  I kindly disagreed, but apologized that I came off that way.  I told her that just dropping a patient because of this is inappropriate and unfair.  She agreed to welcome us back into the practice.  I felt like I had been heard, but still felt embarrassed, unsupported and frustrated.


Somewhere along the way mainstream medicine subtly took parents’ rights away.



I don’t know how this has happened, and why no one questions it….but I’m so done with it. (Read more about the ways medicine has become unscientific and unacceptable).medicine




My children were entrusted to me by God to care for, provide for and protect. 


No one else has this charge, and NO ONE else cares for my children like my husband and I do. 


To truly believe your doctor cares for your child as you do, is unbelievably ignorant.


money-93206_640You are another patient, another chart number, another appointment to get through quickly to meet patient quotas.


Your doctor may have entered medicine to help people, but there are many standard protocols, practitioner expectations and conflicts of interest that keep them from being able to honestly say they care the most about your child’s health.


It’s laughable at this point to even mention that doctors, nor pharmaceutical companies are even liable for vaccine injuries.  In the 1980’s an act was passed called the “National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program”.  This relieves any potential liability from doctors who PRESCRIBE and GIVE these vaccines, and all the legal liability lies on the US government.  So basically all you have to do is sue the US government to receive compensation for the tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills you pay for your child’s vaccine injury.  Just imagine how likely THAT is to happen. Hilarious, huh?


We moved to another state, and after these many bad experiences, I’ll just say that we’ve been here for a year….and have yet to hire a new pediatrician.



-Mindful Mama

10 Reasons Vaccines Aren’t Questioned

10 Reasons Vaccines Aren’t Questioned

What kind of car seat, what brand of bottles, daycare, nursery furniture, crib bedding, jogging stroller, baby food, hospital, attachment parenting or not…

So many things parents ask questions about as they are getting ready to have a baby……

Despite the significant rise in parents who are questioning mass vaccination, MOST parents don’t give much thought to getting their children vaccinated.

It’s become a part of our modern-day culture and common medical intervention that, while it receives its share of media hype,

remains unexamined by the people making the decisions…the parents.


My observations why:

1.)  There are fewer injections than actual vaccines. (SOURCE)

  • This gives parents a false sense of security in thinking they are only getting “a few vaccines” each visit.
  • For example, the Pediarix is 1 shot…with 5 different vaccines in it.
  • Why doesn’t over 48 doses of 14 vaccines by the age of 6 THREATEN the average parent?


2.)  The shots are quick and close to painless.

  • Can you imagine if it was an infusion that took hours until it was complete? The quickness of the intervention doesn’t allow for much questioning while it’s going on. Once it’s done, it’s done and parents feel like there’s no “going back”.


3.)  Parents are told they are ‘mandatory’.

  • The thought is ‘they couldn’t be harmful if they were mandated by the government’. (By the way they ARE NOT mandatory!!!! This is a.big.fat.lie.)


4.)  Parent’s believe no other reasonable people are questioning them, so why should they.

  • 25% of parents had serious concerns over vaccines in the year 2000. I’d bet that number is even higher now. (USA Today, Oct 30,2000)
  • Studies have shown the vast majority of people who questions vaccines are highly educated, including countless numbers of researchers, medical professionals, lawyers and people in the sciences.


5.)  Doctors REASSURE parents they would never do anything that could hurt their child.

Does this sound familiar?! Almost every parent who sincerely questions vaccination with their pediatrician hears this one. How can a doctor who orders dozens of different drugs a day for their patients, with thousands of side-effects, EVER say that in honesty? It’s absurd. Drugs cause adverse effects. Period.

A caring doctor does not magically neutralize vaccine toxicity.


6.)  Vaccines are believed to be the main cause of infectious disease eradication.

7.)  You often don’t ‘see’ vaccine reactions, apart from low-grade fever and irritability.


8.)  In a culture that uses pharmaceuticals as a fix for everything, they fit perfectly.

  • America accounts for 5% of the population in the world, and we use 50% of the prescription drugs worldwide. Yikes.


9.)  The parents that question vaccines are unfairly viewed as rebellious activist with unfounded worries- that need to stop rocking the boat.

Why would anyone in the right mind choose to be put in that category?!




10.)  Brainwashing from VERY effective media propaganda.

  • vaccine billboard 2vaccine billboard

  • Billboards, magazines, commercials, newspaper articles, pamphlets in doctor’s offices….constant and biased as can be.

  • Paid for in LARGE part by BIG pharma…



What are some reasons you didn’t question vaccination?

What reason would be good enough to keep from being informed?

What if there were more billboards like this?



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The DO’s and DON’Ts of Vaccination

The DO’s and DON’Ts of Vaccination




Vaccination is clearly a controversial, heated subject, especially when it concerns children. I am a firm believer that informed decisions are possible for any person deciding whether or not to vaccinate…



There are many informational websites and books that will give you a further breakdown of the scientific literature that is available on vaccination. Obviously, it’s not possible as a parent to do your own scientific studies of individual vaccines, combinations of vaccines, or vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children (although, trust me, I would LOVE to do those studies)….it’s also quite the task to read through actual scientific articles published in journals (not impossible though!)…it almost feels like you are reading another language!







SO as informed parents we read through explanations of those journal articles in ‘lay-mens’ terms through educated authors. This still has the potential to be very informative and very very helpful. ALWAYS examine the SOURCE of any health information you read. If it is funded by a pharmaceutical company (MUCH of vaccine literature marketed to parents is), please keep that in mind when it comes to objectivity and agenda. If it is information produced by organizations/government arms such as CDC (Center for Disease Control), AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) or ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices), be mindful of what message they are very purposefully and clearly trying to convey, and information they might leave out to make that message stronger and less controversial. It’s always prudent to look at the author of what you are reading and see who they are, and what their interest in vaccine issues stems from.


Honestly, my favorite authors to read are mainstream medical doctors who have seen firsthand the adverse effects that can be caused by vaccines, and who then choose to personally investigate the scientific literature to see what is actually known about vaccines, apart from the vaccine dogma they were taught in med school.



Once you feel you are thoroughly educated, and have decided if, when and which vaccines you would like to choose…take certain precautions to reduce risk for adverse effects from the vaccines. I am not in any way saying, if you do these things you ELIMINATE the risk of complications….you don’t. Any medical intervention poses risks large or small, known and unknown….and vaccination is not exempt from that reality. I am just aware of some common sense, and not so known ideas, that may help prevent vaccine injuries…and I am all about preventing vaccine injuries.






  • DO NOT get ANY vaccine for your child while they are sick. PERIOD. It does not matter what the office may say.



  • DO attempt to feed a whole-foods diet free of processed foods and white sugar for your child. Preferably always, but definitely the weeks prior to scheduled vaccination.



  • DO administer the chosen vaccines apart from each other. Give as few together as possible (I’m not talking injection, i’m talking vaccine). Limit the # of ‘live’ viruses given together.



  • DO ask the nurse to pull the shot from the vials in front of you. BE SURE if they are multi-dose vials, that she SHAKES it well before pulling it up. (this disperses the preservatives throughout the vial so it doesn’t all end up in your kids body)





  • DO give your child VacciShield prior to vaccination. This combination supplement will help support and fortify your child’s immune system.



  • DO proceed very carefully if your child shows signs of a compromised immune system, chronic problems such as asthma, eczema, allergies, developmental delays or constant infections.



  • DO proceed very carefully if your child was born via C-section and not breastfed. Their beneficial gut-flora may be compromised.



  • DO NOT give your child a vaccine that they have previously reacted too. If you’ve given them together and aren’t sure which one caused the reaction, proceed very cautiously. There is a reason they reacted to it and often subsequent reactions are more severe.



  • DO report any and all reactions to VAERS– Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. (Government system to track reported vaccine injuries)




This is my blog, and my advice, and for some reason you wanted to read it ;o) I’m not your doctor, I’m just another informed mama who genuinely wants to encourage others to be more mindful of their decisions regarding their health! If you wonder where I come off suggesting such things, you can wonder…OR you could ask for more information on where I am coming up with these ideas.







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The Unknown

The Unknown

There are realities that exist that have not been PROVEN by a study. Period. Specifically there are aspects of medical interventions (i.e. c-sections, medications, vaccines…) that are virtually unknown due to the constraints, limits and politics of research.


In addition to this truth, there are MANY disease processes and conditions that exist that have no known cause. Despite the enormous advances of science…countless numbers of health problems causes/triggers have not yet been discovered.



This brings me to the thought that maybe…just maybe there are complications and long-term side effects of the practice of vaccination that are still UNKNOWN.



I just came across a tragic news story about a girl Sabrina Parker who passed away from Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) at age 16, diagnosed at age 15. Lou Gehrig’s  “is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord… The progressive degeneration of the motor neurons in ALS eventually leads to (their) death.” (SOURCE) She was a healthy young teenager, full of life, who died with her committed boyfriend by her side.


When I read stories like this of strange diseases occurring in demographics they don’t typically occur in, my mind goes here.  My mind starts to ask questions…such as…when did this disease begin? Did this person receive any new medications/vaccines in the recent past? Were they a healthy individual? Is this a commonly occurring condition in this age group? Then I start to look.


In Sabrina Parker’s case I thought specifically, “…are there any vaccines that she should have gotten at this age?”  “Any proposed connections between the vaccine and this awful disease she was struck with?”





Gardasil (HPV vaccine given to young girls) and cases of Lou Gehrig’s (ALS) soon after


There is another girl named Jenny, a 15-year-old girl who lost her battle to a rapidly degenerative neurological disease on March 15, 2009. (SOURCE) This young girl received the Gardasil vaccine just weeks before her neurological deterioration began. Her parents, along with world-class immunologist “suspect that Jenny had a potentially treatable autoimmune disorder mimicking ALS, possibly triggered by the Gardasil vaccination”. (SOURCE)


There are actually a growing number of cases being reported that claim a perfectly healthy young girl received the Gardasil vaccine, and soon after started to develop severe neurological break down, eventually diagnosed as a type of Lou Gehrig’s (ALS). These cases have gotten the attention of the regulatory agencies and specifically in Jenny’s case, “scientists from the Food and Drug Administration met recently with Jenny’s neurologists at UCSF to discuss whether it’s scientifically plausible for a vaccine to trigger ALS.” (SOURCE)


In two cases, including Jenny, “Both the timing of the symptoms and autopsy results “suggest a link between” the Gardasil vaccine and the fatal cases of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, says Catherine Lomen-Hoerth, MD, director of the ALS Center at University of California San Francisco Medical Center.” (SOURCE)


Back to the Sabrina Parker.  Did she get the Gardasil vaccine? With this connection just being “plausible”, did her doctors/coroner even look to this possibility? Is her family even aware that other young girls her age had the same medical decline as her soon after the Gardasil vaccine?


With this specific proposed connection between Gardasil and Lou Gehrig’s disease relatively UNKNOWN to the average medical doctor, and virtually UNKNOWN to the average vaccine consumer…


I am brought back to my initial thought that maybe…just maybe there are complications and long-term side effects of the practice of vaccination that are still UNKNOWN.

“But my pediatrician is SUCH a nice guy!”

“But my pediatrician is SUCH a nice guy!”

Listen in on this decision-making process, overheard in the brains of so many parents:

1) I have an important decision to make about the health of my child/children and vaccines

2) I have very little/no information about the pros and cons of this decision, and I know very little about vaccines

3) I will make these decisions based on the recommendation of my pediatrician, who happens to be a “nice guy”…

4) Although I do not know my pediatrician from Adam, he is credentialed! His demeanor is so calm, and he is so confident with all his advice! He’s just so nice!

5) I have reservations about vaccines, about the amount of vaccines my children are “supposed” to receive, about the ingredients in the vaccines- but I’m no expert. My doctors’ opinion and American Academy of Pediatrics expertise are more trustworthy than my own parental instincts. They would never recommend anything detrimental to my child’s health.

6) Certainly the governmental agencies and the media would be more forthcoming if vaccines really could cause damage.   And anyways, if my child is injured by a vaccine my doctor will take responsibility for the injury and all that it entails financially. I would be vindicated if anything were to go wrong- my child would be taken care of.

7) I am confused, I feel pressured, and I am too busy to spend the time necessary to research these issues- I have no other choice but to defer to my doctor and AAP.

Let’s quickly respond to each point of this decision making process:

1) I have an important decision to make about the health of my child/children and vaccines.

You are the one making the decision- the responsibility it yours alone! Decide with all wisdom and prudence available to you!

2) I have very little/no information about the pros and cons of this decision, and I know very little about vaccines.

Find the information- research, research! Nothing is more important than being informed and confident- at the end of the day, you alone are responsible.

3) I will make these decisions based on the recommendation of my pediatrician, who happens to be a “nice guy”…

Your pediatrician may be nice, but also, and perhaps consequently, happens to be employed by a profit-industry, endowed by pharmaceutical companies, and fully protected against any liability from his recommendations by the United States federal government.

4) Although I do not know my pediatrician from Adam, he is credentialed! His demeanor is so calm, and he is so confident with all his advice! He’s just so nice!

Have you had dinner with your doctor? Shared a cup of coffee with him at Starbucks? Is he your trusted friend?  Are you basing your judgment of him as being friendly on the fact that he seems nice towards you at visits? Because most business people seem “nice” to their customers, and intentionally or not, might not have their customers best interest in mind. Remember your doctor is a businessman. He makes money. He likes money. (Like the rest of us.) His job is for-profit, not a charity service. How lucrative would his profession be if he weren’t seeing your children every month to administer vaccines?

5) I’m no expert. My doctors’ opinion and American Academy of Pediatrics expertise are more trustworthy than my own parental instincts.

Listen to your instincts. Follow your hunches. Ask questions. Prod. Push. Investigate. Inquire. This is about the health and well being of your babies! There isn’t any room for mistakes or ignorance.

6) I would be vindicated if anything were to go wrong- my child would be taken care of.

Doctors are NOT held liable for any of their patient’s vaccine reactions, nor are pharmaceutical companies. That is why you are legally required to sign CONSENT for every vaccination you CHOOSE for your child. What type of motivation do the companies who are making these vaccines have if they are PROTECTED from any and all liability? (National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NCVICP) And what type of motivation do pediatricians have if they know they are released from responsibility when it comes to a child having an adverse reactions to vaccines?

7) I am confused, I feel pressured, and I am too busy to spend the time necessary to research these issues- I have no other choice but to defer to my doctor and AAP.

Learn from other parents who have vaccine-injured children and who were once naïve towards vaccines. Make time for vaccine research. Don’t defer.  Don’t settle. You make the choices. You do have resources. You are smart enough. You are able- but you must be willing!

Informed Consent

Informed Consent



“Doctors will give you information about a particular treatment or test in order for you to decide whether or not you wish to undergo such treatment or test. This process of understanding the risks and benefits of treatment is known as informed consent. It is based on the moral and legal premise of patient autonomy: You as the patient have the right to make decisions about your own health and medical conditions.”


“You must give your voluntary, informed consent for treatment and for most medical tests and procedures. The legal term for failing to obtain informed consent before performing a test or procedure on a patient is called battery (a form of assault).” EMedicineHealth


American Medical Association:


“Informed consent is more than simply getting a patient to sign a written consent form.
It is a process of communication between a patient and physician that results in the patient’s authorization or agreement to undergo a specific medical intervention.”


“In the communications process, you, as the physician providing or performing the treatment and/or procedure (not a delegated representative), should disclose and discuss with your patient:


The patient’s diagnosis, if known; The nature and purpose of a proposed treatment or procedure; The risks and benefits of a proposed treatment or procedure; Alternatives
(regardless of their cost or the extent to which the treatment options are covered by health insurance);The risks and benefits of the alternative treatment or procedure; and The risks and benefits of not receiving or undergoing a treatment or procedure. In turn, your patient should have an opportunity to ask questions to elicit a better understanding of the treatment or procedure, so that he or she can make an informed decision to proceed or to refuse a particular course of medical intervention.


This communications process, or a variation thereof, is both an ethical obligation and a legal requirement spelled out in statutes and case law in all 50 states.”

*Italics added


My thoughts:


It is interesting to see the explanation of what policy (and even the law) says “informed consent” should look like in contrast to what it actually looks like in practice. We all remember days when our child went in for “routine vaccinations” and we were given the consent form to sign quickly. What were we consenting to? What were the proposed benefits? Possible risks? Alternatives? Were we given time to ask questions to the MD and get balanced answers, not unrealistic assurances? Did we decide? Was is voluntary, or did we feel like we had no other option? If this did not happen appropriately every time, it could legally be considered a form of assault…

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