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Healing Stories- Cancer

Healing Stories- Cancer

natural-healing-stories cancer

We’re continuing the series on Natural Healing Stories today. I have been wanting to share these incredible, encouraging stories for some time now. The chance is here! When you have chronic health problems, hope is often a distant memory.  Let these stories infuse hope and courage into those of you who are struggling with your bodies, or the family and friends you love who are in desperate need of healing.

I’m so glad that a family friend of ours was willing to share his long, extremely challenging, yet very hopeful journey. Cancer might be the diagnosis we are scared of most,  with reason, but like so many other things, conventional cancer treatments are not are only option.  Coming at cancer from many different angles, approaching it from the roots up, not just killing cancer cells, is proving to be effective for many people taking alternative cancer treatment routes. I can’t wait for you to read more…..


When did you first notice you were sick?

In October of 2006 I developed terrible pain in my lower back. It was first thought by the doctor to be a pulled muscle. I thought it was probably a disk injury.

What is the official diagnosis?

Multiple Myeloma

How did they come to that?

An MRI was done that showed my L5 vertebrae had collapsed and surgery was done to repair it. The bone marrow had been “eaten away” and since no injury had occurred to break the vertebrae a biopsy was done which showed cancer.

What treatments natural or conventional have provided the best results?

We immediately changed  to a vegan diet with hourly juicing which I did for a full year with great results. However, it became apparent after a couple of years when another vertebrae collapsed that I needed to do something more. I continued the diet and supplements regimen I had started but also added chemotherapy. I did well with this for a couple of more years but then began to get worse again. I recently went  to an integrative clinic in Arizona for 6 months. I received very intense therapy of daily IV’s to boost my immune system as well detoxing through sauna and coffee enemas which I feel are both very important and I plan to continue indefinitely. I did also begin a different oral chemo which I am still doing at this point along with a clean diet, detoxing and supplementation. It was during this time that I was able to stop receiving blood transfusions.

What have caused the most problems or brought about little healing? 

In 2006 after the first surgery I was subjected to radiation on my lower back to stop the spread of Myeloma to other vertebrae. This caused multiple stomach and digestive issues. It did nothing to stop the Myeloma.

In 2012 I was put in the hospital for four days of continuous IV chemotherapy. This damaged my kidneys to the point of needing dialysis, caused me to be very sick, and lose my hair with no benefit to treating the cancer. After going through this treatment I began having to receive weekly blood transfusions which by the time this ended I had received over 78 units.

 What symptoms/issues are you still trying to get past? What are no longer a problem?

I still have pain in my back and rib area. I no longer experience fatigue.

What encouragement would you offer to those seeking natural healing from medical problems right now?

There are multiple resources available to you. Diet is crucial in getting better and maintaining good health as well as good supplementation. Don’t give up. You can and must take charge of your own health. Take time to read up on and research the challenge you are faced with. Don’t just race to the first treatment the medical field steers you toward. You cannot just leave it up to your Doctor. The medical field sees very little to no relationship between diet and healing. Find a good natural Doctor to work with you or someone who has knowledge in the natural health field, but don’t wait any longer. Get started now taking charge of your own health.

     Here are some helpful resources if you or a loved one is dealing with a cancer diagnosis: Clinic in Arizona that Dave went to   Clinic in Long Island Therapeutic diet that can be very helpful with cancer and other conditions

Killing Cancer, Not People

The Kinder, Gentler Cancer Treatment

Outsmart Your Cancer

Cancer: Step Outside the Box

Mostly Homemade Mondays

Mostly Homemade Mondays

I am thrilled to be part of a really great link-up!   It’s called ‘Mostly Homemade Mondays’ and its filled with lots of treasures!!   Link up or simply enjoy this abundance of great information!! 


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Homemade Mondays is a series for people that are on a journey to better living, via healthier eating and a more natural lifestyle. We realize that there are different paths that we all take to get to that place, and this bloghop celebrates that. Whether you’re a seasoned raw foodist who has banned all things unnatural, or a rookie who is starting out by cutting out junk food, we’d love to hear from you! Link up with your favorite recipes, projects, crafts, or rants and raves.

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How I Lost My Job Over the Flu Vaccine

How I Lost My Job Over the Flu Vaccine

Check out my guest post on the Real Food Forager.  This is a must read story for anyone interested in the issues surrounding mandatory vaccinations and the flu vaccine particular.  The implications of vaccine choices can be enormous.


how i lost my job

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Buffalo Chicken Wings

Buffalo Chicken Wings
Buffalo Chicken Wings

Buffalo Chicken Wings- Quick Paleo Meal

Buffalo Chicken Wings- Quick Paleo Meal

This is a quick and easy 'real food' junk food---that's not at all junkie! These are great to bring to a party/event and even your non-foodie friends will love them! Chicken wings are a great way to enjoy chicken as opposed to simply lean chicken breast. The healthy fats in the crispy chicken skins are a great source of saturated fat, fat soluble vitamins and minerals. Try and find a source for organic chicken wings if you can, if not eat them in moderation. You can make more or less buffalo sauce depending on how many wings you bake,


  • Fresh/frozen plain chicken wings
  • 1/3 C. Frank's Red Hot sauce (contains all natural ingredients!)
  • 2 T. butter
  • S&P, paprika


  1. Place wings on large baking sheet, sprinkle chicken wings with generous amounts of S&P and paprika.
  2. Bake on 400 degrees for approximately 1 hour. (Drain juices 1-2 times while baking to allow them to get crispy)
  3. Gently melt butter and red hot sauce on stove top, whisking together to form sauce.
  4. Once wings are crispy, but not dried out, take out and toss in sauce. Enjoy!

Continued Stomach Problems While on GAPS: Healing Journey Part 2

Continued Stomach Problems While on GAPS: Healing Journey Part 2

(READ my Healing Journey Part 1)


For over two weeks I have been taking

herbal antibiotics for a SIBO treatment protocol.

After 10 months on the GAPs gut healing protocol

I am still having stomach issues. Yeah, I know, not fair.

The reality of healing though is that

it is not EASY, nor QUICK, nor STRAIGHT-FORWARD.

No one wants to hear this, and no one wants to believe it.

But generally speaking it is definitely a foundation principle to healing.


How I came to this missing puzzle piece…..


A few months ago I decided I would read up on the ‘FODMAPS’ information I kept coming across, as I cannot stand when I continue to see something I know nothing about.


So as I read about what high FODMAPS foods are, things I was eating plenty of such as avocado, cauliflower, onions, garlic, honey…and what kinds of symptoms they cause….I started to wonder.


I decided that I had nothing to lose, and honestly with how nagging my stomach symptoms were continuing to be, I was willing to try something in addition to the GAPS protocol.

Change of Plans


So I started to eliminate high FODMAPS foods, and within 3-4 days of getting most of them out, there were NOTABLE changes in my symptoms. Now, I’m pretty aware of my body after 10 months of daily attention and a food journal, and I can usually tell when there are improvements or regression.


This had made a clear change in my IBS symptoms, and as much as I wanted to ignore it (because I didn’t want to eliminate ANY more foods!!) I just couldn’t ignore it.


So I realized that I now needed to reduce/eliminate these foods if my stomach symptoms were going to get any better.


But WHY??


After the initial shock of realization and acceptance, I went back to the obvious question of “why?!” Why were these foods (FODMAPS) causing IBS symptoms in me? There are several different reasons people may have a problem with FODMAPS (such as fast bowel transit time or less digestive enzyme output) but one of the common reasons one would not do well with these FODMAPS foods is a condition called SIBO.


SIBO stands for “small intestine bacterial overgrowth”….a chronic overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestines. Now the large intestine is teaming with bacteria, good, bad and neutral. But certain areas of the small intestine are close to sterile…it does not have near the numbers of bacteria the large intestines has. This is purposeful and has to be that way functionally.

When this is not the case, and the small intestine becomes overgrown with bacteria, the bacteria get to the food before it can be properly broken down and assimilated by the small intestine. The bacteria starts to rapidly ferment these FODMAPS substances in foods, and creates irritation and gases in the small bowel. This leads to bloating,pain, diarrhea and/or constipation (IBS).


“One thing is certainly clear, the symptoms of SIBO overlap with those of IBS and a large percentage of IBS sufferers test positive for SIBO.” Dr Allison Siebecker


I had assumed to have bacterial overgrowth in my bowel that is why we started GAPS in the first place, but recognizing the CLEAR response in my body when I removed high FODMAPS foods (the ones most easily fermented by bacteria) REMINDED me that even after 10 months of being on the GAPS diet, I definitely have an overgrowth of bacteria-  but maybe its not pathogenic (bad) bacteria that are causing my symptoms as I thought initially.


So what’s wrong with the GAPS diet?

The GAPS diet removes polysaccharides (starches) and any complex sugars, along with other hard to digest foods such as beans. The purpose in removing these foods are so that the small intestine can begin to rebuild itself appropriately, apart from the inflammation caused by the excessive bacteria (fed by the undigested sugars/grains!).


This is still very much the case with people with SIBO causing IBS.

The only problem is, in eating the traditional GAPS diet, you are consuming large amounts of high FODMAPS foods, which in certain people (possibly dependent on which bacteria is overgrown) can act in a similar manner that the SUGARS and STARCHES are acting.



These FODMAPS actually become food for these bacteria as well, continuing to promote the proliferation of bacteria in the small intestines.
This was the KEY that I was missing for my specific situation, and I believe it has hindered my healing, as these foods have been present in my diet all along, allowing far too much ‘food’ for the bacteria that is overgrown in my small intestines (whether its neutral or pathogenic bacteria, I do not know.)  It is not that the GAPS diet was not the right option for me, but I was missing a piece of the puzzle while on GAPS that has held me back more than I would have liked.  Many people on GAPS will not have these lingering symptoms related to SIBO, and for them GAPS diet alone will accomplish addressing the imbalance in their gut flora.  It is not about what interventions are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, but about bio-individuality and what each persons body needs, which is ALWAYS a combination of many many things to 
re-create and support and ones health.




  • If you have IBS, you probably have SIBO. (up to 84% of IBS patients have SIBO)
  • If you have SIBO, you probably have IBS (or other digestive symptoms) and could also have systemic symptoms.
  • If you have SIBO, you probably have FODMAPS intolerances, as well as problems with anything higher carb (even if you aren’t aware) (Source)
  • ‘Gut dysbiosis’ is an overgrowth of bad bacteria, while SIBO is typically overgrowth of neutral/good bacteria. They can exist together. (Source)


SIBO CAUSES: Many things can create this situation in the body. The most common ones are taking proton pump inhibitors-antibiotics-birth control, not enough stomach acid or bile, not enough pancreatic (digestive) enzymes, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, an impaired migrating motor complex, and acute illness of gastroenteritis (which can ‘turn off’ the MMC) and consuming a diet high in carbohydrates and FODMAPS. In turn, these problems can be started by many different things. COM-PLI-CATED.


The red and purple squares not only cause SIBO, but are made WORSE by SIBO. It is truly a vicious cycle.


SIBO Experts and Treatment

As I began to dig into the work that Dr Allison Siebecker and Dr. Pimentel and their teams have done on SIBO and related diseases, I studied their “SIBO Treatment Protocol“. The diet (they recommend the GAPS diet or a diet similar to) is a major part of treatment, especially key to prevention of relapse. For acute overgrowth though, they do recommend herbal/pharmaceutical antibiotics. I am pretty hesitant to take any measures for my health apart from food if unnecessary, but seeing the positive responses they have seen treating the very resistant SIBO with antibiotics, was very encouraging to me. I don’t think it will prove necessary for everyone with SIBO, but since I have already been on the GAPS diet for 10 months, I thought this was a reasonable step in my treatment.


The pharmaceutical antibiotic most commonly studied in medical literature for SIBO is very expensive (Rifaximin over $1000). As this cost is prohibitive for us, and according to the physicians mentioned above and their experience, they were seeing similar recovery responses from the pharmaceutical antibiotic vs. the herbal antibiotics.


Herbs it is! So I am taking garlic, goldenseal, enteric coated peppermint and oregano oil at varying strengths and times a day for approximately 1 month.


A Naturopathic doctor who was able to talk with me briefly said that she thinks the herbal antibiotics will help, almost diagnostically proving my theory of having SIBO to be true, but then that I may require the actual pharmaceutical antibiotics to really deal aggressively with the overgrowth. I hope her thoughts are accurate about the herbs helping a lot, but really hope that I don’t require the pharmaceuticals.


I am hopeful that this herbal antibiotic protocol, along with a low FODMAPS/GAPS diet will help reduce the load of bacteria to a more manageable level, so that in turn my IBS symptoms reduce in intensity and frequency. (Lots of hope here!)


I will check back in after the treatment is complete and inform you with where I am with symptoms and future eating plan.


                                                                ♥ Mindful Mama


(Quick update on my husband:  He also has had IBS for years that improved greatly, almost gone, until for whatever reason lingering stomach issues reappeared.  He does not have as many of the risk factors for developing SIBO that I do, but his symptoms are so classic IBS, so the likelihood of SIBO being present in his GI tract was high. He is choosing to do this herbal antibiotic treatment hoping that it will help his IBS symptoms related to possible SIBO. )




IBS–free at last! FODMAP Elimination Diet, Patsy Catsos MS RD LD
Aglaee MS, RD
Aglaee MS, RD
Dr Allison Siebecker
Allison Siebecker, ND, MSOM, LAc, and Steven Sandberg-Lewis, ND, DHANP


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Grain-Free Party

Grain-Free Party

My husband graduated (finally!) from graduate school. We are thrilled beyond words, and excited for the next chapter in our lives! We had a graduation party with a lot of the people who have helped us along the way, and I wanted to share with you

how yummy a grain-free party can be!!


We had pulled pork, chicken wing dip, stuffed eggs, key lime pie (another GAPSter friend made), raw cheesecakesdark chocolate truffles, fruit salad, marzipan muffins, and raw veggies.

We did also have chips and dip, and white sandwich buns for the pulled pork (that we didn’t eat ;o).




I honestly didn’t even have to prepare too much to pull this together, and I was pleased with the amount of food we had and how satisfied everyone was!

Don’t be afraid to entertain guests when you are on a special diet!! You can make it relatively easy and yummy for everyone.

Guest Post at 20 Something Allergies….

Guest Post at 20 Something Allergies….

I am thrilled that a fellow blogger has offered to share our story of healing through GAPS with her readers today. Her name is Jennifer and she is the author of a great heath blog!

Jennifer states that: For the first 32 years of my life, I suffered from a chronic sugar addiction and undiagnosed food allergies. They caused me to suffer from such symptoms as cystic acne, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, mood swings, painful menstrual cycles, and sensitivities to chemicals, noise, and light.

Chronic illnesses like chronic fatigue syndrome, restless leg syndrome, and too many other syndrome that had yet to be named were things I carried around with me on a daily basis.

Jennifer is finding healing and wellness for her family through the GAPS diet protocol as well as other healing modalities. She is in the middle of the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program that I will be starting this September 2013. I hope it is an encouragement to you as you catch up on how our healing is progressing and all the good that has come from eating such a nutrient-dense, real food diet!!

Here is my guest post on 20 Something Allergies and Counting….Down!

The Taco Twist

The Taco Twist

My Italian family grew up eating well, mostly Italian food.  But, the great cook that my mom was, she often ventured into cooking cuisines of other cultures.  “Taco night’ was a much enjoyed night for myself and siblings.  

With grain out of our lives for now, we find other ways to enjoy ‘mexican’ food (at least our American interpretation of it!).

May I introduce to you ‘The Taco Twist’.

Your quickest, easy-does-it, grain-free taco.  




3 T animal fat (butter, lard, tallow)

2-3 thinly sliced bell peppers

1 thinly sliced onion

1 can diced tomatoes

3 garlic cloves minced or 1/2 t garlic powder

2 C cooked shredded chicken or ground beef


SPICES: 2-3 T chili powder, 2 t cumin, dash cayenne pepper, real salt

ADD-IN’s: salsa, avocado, raw cheddar, cultured cream, olives

WRAP:  2 eggs per person, salt


  1. Saute onions and peppers in animal fat for 10 minutes on medium, add garlic last minute.
  2. Mix in meat, spices and tomatoes, warm through on low letting flavors blend.
  3. While meat is warming, beat 2 eggs in bowl, and pour into small greased pan that is very warm.
  4. Lower to medium-low heat for 2 minutes while egg wrap cooks. Flip and cook for 1 more minute.
  5. Assemble taco mix into egg wrap and roll up.


This could also be served over tossed salad for a taco salad dinner or in a bowl for a ‘taco bowl’ dinner.   We’ve had and enjoyed all 3 options! The egg wraps are a fun way to ‘feel’ like you’re eating a taco, without having to mess with any alternative grains. Easy, convenient and delicious.  Yay.

We love taco night!

We love taco night!


taco bowl


Mini Coconut Flour Pancakes

Mini Coconut Flour Pancakes

This is my new favorite versatile recipe.  I will probably re-visit this every other week or so.  It makes these adorable, but sturdy little pancake circles, that I use for a PB&J sandwich!  It is such a treat for the kids, and I enjoy it as a mid-afternoon snack.  You could eat them for breakfast too, which we probably will at some point, but this way I can stretch them the whole week, and the kids think it’s better than the old PB&J on soaked wheat bread!  I adapted this recipe, as I felt it needed a little more sweet and salt.




RECIPE: (makes 2 dozen+)

8 eggs

½ C coconut flour

½ C plain yogurt

2 T honey + 2 servings of stevia (or more honey to taste)

¾ t real salt

1 T cinnamon, 1 T vanilla extract, ¼ t cloves

Butter to sauté in

Toppings: Real maple syrup, butter and honey, PB&J or fruit jam



  1. Mix all ingredients in bowl until smooth.
  2. Let sit for 5 or so minutes to let the coconut flour absorb the liquids.
  3. Heat butter in large cast-iron griddle.  (keep on low or coconut flour will burn)
  4. Spoon out 1 tbsp-sized pancakes to cover the whole pan.
  5. Cook for 2-3 minutes a side until golden brown and darker on edges.



Store in container in the fridge for an easy on-the-go snack!  Or enjoy them for a nutritious and filling breakfast.


 My 1 year old can NOT get enough of them, he goes crazy when I make them! This is a great replacement to those Gerber puffed foods they make for babies on-the-go.



Medicine Has Consequences

Medicine Has Consequences


After this past years election I kept hearing a famous political commentator say “elections have consequences….elections HAVE consequences”, reminding the American people that there are very real consequences to every election, whether good or bad.


Well I found myself really resonating with what he was trying to convey to a very temporal-minded people. Elections do have far-reaching consequences.


So do drugs.


I am amazed at the uncanny ability people have to disregard in their minds the VERY REAL consequences of their medical choices, particularly when it comes to taking drugs.


I am often mistaken for being over-zealous for natural health, or under-supportive of ‘main-stream medicine’…yah know, being a nurse and all.


Really though, if you’ve walked where I’ve walked and seen things the way I have come to see things, my conclusions really are the most natural ones to draw. What is far more shocking is that people who work in the medical field are NOT overwhelmingly cautious about medications and procedures. The negative consequences of them are ALL AROUND us in the hospital, the damage- impossible to avoid. Unless of course, they, like the rest of this country, effectively disregard the effects these myriad of medications have on the human body.

Digging just under the surface of the simple act of popping a pill, lie thousands upon thousands of red danger flags demanding our attention. Medication is FAR from benign.

  • Adverse drug reactions in this country by drugs taken according to directions with the appropriate dosing, causes approximately 106,000 deaths a year (SOURCE)
  • Medical error causes approximately 98,000 deaths a year (SOURCE)
  • Making these the 4th and 6th leading causes of death


What these studies brought to light should be astonishing to us consumers of the main-stream healthcare system. These numbers are not ‘case-studies’ of imaginary people…these are real people, with real families and real lives.


These are not statistics to me, they represent faces. Faces of people I have cared for in an average emergency department in this great country that spends the most money on healthcare.


Faces like:

(and his endearing wife who stood by his side, singing, stroking his face, and reminding his what a wonderful man he was)

  • The postpartum mother who has hemorrhagic stroke due to the administration of pitocin
  • The postpartum mom who came in being resuscitated 1 month after having her baby via c-section, dying of a massive pulmonary embolism (clot in lungs) most certainly from her major abdominal surgery (c-section)
  • The man in his 50’s playing tennis who dropped dead from a massive heart attack, that was shown to be caused by the avandia he was taking for his slightly elevated high blood sugar
  • The woman in her 30’s who took steroids for a couple of years due to back pain from a car accident, the steroids causing avascular necrosis, the complete deterioration of all of her socket joints, leading to 6 joint replacements in 2 years and a lifetime of continued replacements until she dies
  • The woman in her 70’s coming in dizzy with acute rectal bleeding due to the NSAIDS she just started for her arthritis
  • The baby who was born premature and through medical error his bowel was punctured, leading to a colostomy bag as an infant, months later a colon resection then months later another repair due to bowel obstruction from the scar tissue


I need to stop myself. I could go on.and.on.


The saddest part is most of these stories are recent cases I have encountered….i’ve lost track of so many of the stories I promised myself I would never forget. They are endless.


Ignorance is NOT bliss, folks.


We have surrendered our freedom to a paradigm that says: the medical field always knows best, always takes our best interests in mind, would never recommend something if there were negative consequences, and can solve any type of problem that they might cause.


WRONG. This is simply not true.


You are NOT going to get FULL disclosure from the medical field. There are wayyyyyy too many variables to prevent this from happening.


Maybe many medical professionals want you to believe those fallacies. But there are many who want YOU to take responsibility of YOUR health, and stop expecting them to do so.


I am one of them.


I am a good nurse. BUT I have made MANY mistakes. – because I’m human


And I give drugs that I have no idea what to expect from. –because I have to and because no one really knows


I take part in procedures that may be unnecessary.- because I have to


I make recommendations that I don’t really think will be helpful, and will most likely make the situation worse. – because I have to


Everything you do regarding your health has consequences—potentially good, potentially bad.


It is YOUR JOB to be informed about the pros and cons from as many angles as you can, and stop handing your health on a platter to the medical world and expecting them to preserve and nurture your health.


You are your BEST advocate. You are your child’s BEST advocate.

A call to responsibility…A call to understanding…A call to mindfulness.

Quick Kids Grain-free Lunches

Quick Kids Grain-free Lunches

I recently took some pictures of some of our typical kid lunches to share with you. Nothing special or unusually creative, BUT maybe it will spark your brain for new out-of-the-box ideas! We usually have a pretty big protein/fat based breakfast with some variation of eggs or yogurt, and for dinner we almost always have a hot meal, so lunch is the time we don’t take much prep or cook anything for the kids. Why? Because I don’t want to. Ha! This is my way of making nutrient-dense food, FAST FOOD! These plates take 5 minutes to knock out—and it’s one of their favorite meals! We usually have fresh fruit for snack around 10:00 and 3:00, so I reallly like to limit fruit at lunch (apart from the wicked cool apple sandwich ;o)

Share your ideas!!!



Apple sandwiches (PB inside), olives, peppers, salmon, raw cheese, radishes



Raw cheese ‘sandwiches’ with shredded chicken, avocado and homemade ranch




“Ants-on-a-log”, peeled carrot (sword!), raw cheese, cucumbers-sea salt, olives and peppers.

Apple-Berry Dutch Baby Pancake

Apple-Berry Dutch Baby Pancake

    Adapted to be a grain-free, GAPS-friendly recipe from Nourished Kitchen




7 eggs

½ almond flour

½ t baking soda

¼ t real salt

3 medium apples- peeled and chopped

¼ c dried cranberries (juice sweetened)

Zest of 1 lemon + squeeze of lemon juice

1/8 c whey or other liquid

1 t cinnamon

1/2 t cloves % cardamom

1 t vanilla

2-3 T fat of choice (ghee, coconut oil, butter would work good here)

2 T honey + 3-4 servings of stevia (or ¼ C honey)


  1. Cook chopped apples with fat of choice in medium cast iron pan until soft. (Make sure fat coats the sides of pan for later)
  2. Beat eggs until very frothy.
  3. Add the remaining ingredients to eggs and combine well.
  4. Pour egg mixture over cooked apples in cast iron.
  5. Bake in oven on 425 degrees for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown.

**We like it best straight from the fridge. Very tasty from the oven too!



True Words

True Words

This past weekend I was so blessed to go with my very close friend to watch her sister speak about “True Words”. The speaker shared her story, her heart and her less than perfect journey with God. She encouraged her listeners that people, and women from the beginning have believed two primary lies that have brought such devastation to their lives…and have caused them to truly miss out on all that God has for them.

One: I am not good enough the way God made me.

Two: God does not really have my best in mind.

I certainly have been there, stayed there, and have even unknowingly lived out my days working from the foundation of those LIES.

A turning point in the speaker’s life was when a good friend told her “don’t be afraid to RECEIVE ALL that God has for you”

Because of the deep roots that these lies have held in our hearts, our fears hold us back from truly, whole-heartedly trusting God’s goodness and plan for our life. When we finally let go of all the lies and fear, and open our hearts to ALL THAT GOD HAS FOR US…..we will be beautifully devastated, unable to go back to the old life…..TRULY LIVING as God intends us to live.

I was sweetly reminded, (isn’t ‘reminding’ what all of scripture does and encourages us to do with one another) of my treasured place before my King, of His delight in me as His daughter and His plans to use me to comfort the broken. ALL because of His great love and sacrifice in His son….completely irrelevant of my vain attempts to ‘try’and love Him.

I DELIGHT in seeing the God I love and follow….REDEEM the broken things of this world. The scarred, wounded, sin-destroyed, battered lives of His people…become restored in the embrace of His love and goodness. There is nothing more powerful to behold than being a part of a God-transformation. I long to be part, any part, of God redeeming His people for as many breaths as He chooses to give me….

The Dreaded Words: I’m back to GAPS Intro

The Dreaded Words: I’m back to GAPS Intro


Well after lots of thought and painstaking avoidance- I’m back to the intro phase of the GAPS diet. The intro diet slowly walks you through 6 stages of foods progressively, allowing you to proceed as your symptoms subside. You start with soup with boiled vegetables and meat only.




It’s been 1 week, and i’m in a much better place than I was earlier in the week. My emotional status wasn’t pretty.


We’ve felt great eating GAPS-friendly foods. We feel full, energetic, and are genuinely enjoying what we are eating.


While it had pushed me A LOT, I have loved the new opportunity to learn how to cook differently, and in one sense with more creativity and improvisation.


Maybe I was looking for the push that this grain-free, sugar-free, completely whole-foods diet has given me.


BUT——I didn’t want to be pushed BACK to the introductory diet. Nope. REALLY did not.


There have been lots of very positive changes, but one area of my body that still has a long way to go is my gut. On a daily basis I am still battling with stomach symptoms of pain and bloating after eating. Sometimes it’s worse than others, but it’s been very hard to determine which foods are causing the problem… I reluctantly accepted that the best way to pinpoint things further is to go BACK to the introductory diet. On top of clarity, I’m hoping for another round of even more intense healing one can find on intro that they might not find on the full GAPS diet.




The gut is the seat of our immune system, as 80% of the immune system resides in the gut lining. When the gut is not working properly, the immune system isn’t either. This can be disastrous.




Recently on my journey to health I unfolded the reality that I have had this ‘leaky-gut’ (AKA gut dysbiosis, bacteria/yeast overgrowth- the very thing the GAPS diet addresses) for A LOT longer than I had thought. I was under the impression that while my health wasn’t stellar as a child, it didn’t turn into this leaky gut until I became a young adult and that’s why I am having all these symptoms presently. WRONG. The body develops autoimmune disorders when gut immunity has been terribly compromised……my autoimmune disorder developed when I was 5. Meaning- my gut has been compromised, unsealed and leaking toxins into my blood steam, causing an autoimmune reaction…..since I was a very young child. This was shocking to me. Not sure exactly how this happened, but a few of the contributing factors were: lots of antibiotics for reoccurring ear infections, full schedule of vaccinations, environment toxins, a very apparent sugar addiction (a symptom and cause) and the Standard American Diet (sorry mom- you were a GREAT cook, but it would still classify as SAD! Luckily you’ve got the whole-foods fever now ;o) Seasonal allergies developed as well as intermittent headaches as a child. Surprisingly, I was protected from any significant bowel problems….and SO many other things that I could have surely developed. It wasn’t until my late teens that I developed GERD (reflux) intensely, then very frequent headaches (turning into 5-6 a week), fatigue, and very very uncomfortable stomach symptoms. (Two pregnancies in that process…causing me to become more and more deficient sure didn’t help my situation).




Onto the big news: I have noticed a lot of symptoms changing, so has Luke (the hubby). Our acne is virtually non-existent, headaches less frequent, energy is higher than it has been in years, cravings minimal, our kids are eating EVERYTHING I make (and gaining weight—good for them there on the small end) my random infections have gone away, our immune systems seem much stronger than normal (not getting much at all, and when we have it’s been mild)……



….and the coolest thing to date is my autoimmune disease is showing signs of reversal. Yes. I am very serious. My skin disease called ‘vitiligo’, causing white pigment areas on my skin, is actually filling in… amounts big enough that even people outside my family can notice. This has not happened since it ‘slowed’ or ‘went into remission’ as a teenager. It has not budged since then. This is a VERY encouraging sign. Autoimmune diseases are one of the scariest diagnosis’ possible, and I am very eager to prevent my body from triggering any further autoimmune diseases…..the best way to do that is HEAL THE GUT.



Despite the setbacks I have had, and the frustration in trying to figure out this massive puzzle piece of my health….it appears that there is wonderful change happening deep within my body.




Luke’s breakfast today (Full GAPS): Omelet, banana-nut muffin (coconut flour), veggie/fruit juice (I could have the eggs and juice)





Tessa sitting over the heat vent while eating her smoothie :o)




Carrot juice I introduced. Whoa-quite exciting.


The Children

The Children


By: John Piper, Desiring God


Do you hear the children crying?
I can hear them every day,
Crying, sighing, dying, flying
Somewhere safe where they can play.

Somewhere safe from all the dangers,
Somewhere safe from Crack and AIDS,
Safe from lust and lurking strangers,
Safe from war and bombing raids.

Somewhere safe from malnutrition,
Safe from daddy’s damning voice,
Safe from mommy’s cool ambition,
Safe from deadly goddess, Choice.

Do you hear the children crying?
I can hear them every day,
Crying, sighing, dying, flying
Somewhere safe where they can play.

* * * *

Do you see the children meeting?
I can see them in the sky,
Meeting, seating, eating, greeting
Jesus with the answer why.
Why the milk no longer nourished,
Why the water made them sick,
Why the crops no longer flourished,
Why the belly got so thick.

Why they never knew the reason
Friends had vanished out of sight,
Why some suffered for a season,
Others never saw the light.

Do you see the children meeting?
I can see them in the sky,
Meeting, seating, eating, greeting
Jesus with the answer why.

* * * *

Do you hear the children singing?
I can hear them high above,
Singing, springing, ringing, bringing
Glory to the God of love.

Glory for the gift of living,
Glory for the end of pain,
Glory for the gift of giving,
Glory for eternal gain.

Glory from the ones forsaken,
Glory from the lost and lone,
Glory when the infants waken,
Orphans on the Father’s throne

Do you hear the children singing?
I can hear them high above,
Singing, springing, ringing, bringing
Glory to the God of love.

* * * *

Do you see the children coming?
I can see them on the clouds,
Coming, strumming, drumming, humming
Songs with heaven’s happy crowds.

Songs with lots of happy clapping,
Songs that set the heart on fire,
Songs that make your foot start tapping,
Songs that make a merry choir.

Songs so loud the mountains tremble,
Songs so pure the canyons ring,
When the children all assemble
Millions, millions, round the King.

Do you see the children coming?
I can see them on the clouds,
Coming, strumming, drumming, humming
Songs with heaven’s happy crowds.

* * * *

Do you see the children waiting?
I can see them all aglow
Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting,
Who of us will rise and go?

Will we turn and fly to meet them
In the light of candle two?
I intend to rise and greet them.
Come and go with me, would you?

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