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Morning Detox Smoothie Kid-Friendly

Morning Detox Smoothie Kid-Friendly


morning detox smoothie


In this very toxic world, we all desperately need assistance with our detoxification pathways..  Medication, pollution, dirty meat, pesticides, unclean water, chemical foods, stress….in this modern society, even when living a more ‘natural lifestyle’, the list of daily toxins goes on and on and on and on and on……



Avoiding these toxins is the first line of defense, if they aren’t in your body, you don’t have to detox them!!  While avoidance of all toxins is literally not possible, the second very important line of defense is supporting the detoxification pathways in your body through good food.



REAL FOOD is a great source of detox support!  This smoothie is JAM-packed with nutrient-dense foods that aid the detox processes in the body.  Kids will enjoy the tasty flavors and bright purple color of this detox-smoothie recipe!




1 C frozen blueberries

1 C. homemade yogurt (or coconut milk for dairy free)

1 C. packed spinach

1 inch knob fresh ginger (take skin off)

1/2 C. fresh pineapple

1 banana (frozen is best)

2 pastured egg yolks (optional)

1/2 lemon’s juice

splash water, stevia, vanilla extract

dash cinnamon, nutmeg


    1. Throw all ingredients into good quality blender (I use this one).
    2. Blend until completely smooth. Serve cold or freeze in individual cups for future breakfast meals.

Cashew Hot Cacoa Milk and Cookies

Cashew Hot Cacoa Milk and Cookies


cashew milk and cookies


Are you familiar with the magical powers of cashews?
O, you’re not?  Let me introduce you to your new best friend.


Raw cashews have a SERIOUS CREAMINESS factor going on.


Since creating my new favorite desserts, Turtle Cheesecake and Chocolate Swirl Pumpkin Cheesecake, I have become amazed with the unique ability of these little suckers.


I wanted to take this obsession a little further and make hot cacoa with cashews.  After reviewing several recipes I have adapted this one here from ‘The Gentle Chef’ site, and I think I have my masterpiece.


 On top of the marvelous drink that comes from just one cup of cashews, you can whip up this super yummy cashew cookies recipe with the leftover cashew pulp! 


THAT is way too exciting for this frugal, real-food-loving kinda mama.


Make the cashew milk hot cacoa first, then use the pulp for the cookie recipe below. 

Two tasty treats for the price of one!

Sounds like my kind of winter delight!




 Hot Cacoa: (makes 1 quart)

1 C. raw cashews

4 C. filtered water

¼ C. raw cacoa powder (more if you want really dark hot cacoa)

¼ C. maple syrup/honey (adjust for your biggest sweet tooth)

2 t. real vanilla extract

½ t. real salt  


  1. Soak raw cashews in warm water for 6-8 hours.
  2. Rinse cashews and put in blender with 4 cups of new water.
  3. Blend for 3 minutes on high.
  4. Strain milk through a nut bag or cheese cloth, squeezing pulp dry and catching milk in bowl below.
  5. Set aside cashew pulp for cookie recipe below.
  6. Add remaining hot cacoa ingredients to blender, mix well. (Can store in fridge for a couple of days )
  7. To drink warm, simply place in pan on stovetop, heating on low for just a few minutes.  If it’s too hot for your finger to touch, it is not longer ‘raw’.   Enjoy with cashew cookie recipe below!


 cashew milk


Cashew Cookies:

1 C. cashew pulp (leftover from cashew milk recipe above)

1 C. unsweetened shredded coconut

1 ripe banana

2 T real maple syrup

3 T golden raisins (optional)

1/4 t. baking soda, ½ t. real salt, 1 t. real vanilla extract  


    1. Combine ingredients in food processor until well combined. Stir in raisins.
    2. Form small-medium drop cookies on a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper.
    3. Bake for approx 20 minutes in 325 degree oven, until firming and browning.  (Decrease heat to 300 degrees if they brown too quickly).
    4. Let cool. Makes 12 medium delicious cookies.




Raspberry Chocolate Shake

Raspberry Chocolate Shake

This is a tasty snack or dessert you can make in 5-10 minutes- AND it has chocolate in it! What could be better than that? It is nutrient-dense, filling, delicious and has no added sugar. Whip this up for a friend, hubby, or just yourself…and use the extra to put into your popsicle molds for the kids!



Makes 3 large shakes


6 ice cubes

1 C plain yogurt

1 C frozen raspberries

1 C frozen strawberries

2 medium frozen bananas

1 ounce of chocolate baking squares

2 T coconut milk

Serving of stevia

½ C water

2 pastured egg yolks (optional)


  1. Boil water in small pot with bowl over it, adding chocolate and coconut milk to the bowl to melt it.
  2. Blend melted chocolate and the rest of the ingredients in blender until smooth. Enjoy!

(This is very creamy, if you want to omit either the egg yolks or the fruit being frozen, you could and it would still be perfectly creamy!)


Summer Snack Round-Up

Summer Snack Round-Up



Here is a “16 Summer Snack Round-Up”  of some fantastic summer treat ideas!  Thanks to the great bloggers who have crafted such yummy recipes to share with us. They are all grain-free, refined sugar free, lactose free and perfectly delicious!  These recipes are GAPS/Paleo/Primal/WAPF friendly.  Most importantly for us all is that they are all made with whole food ingredients and are full of nutrients and goodness!   So be sure to relax and have fun this summer, but don’t under-prioritize what you put in your mouth- reward your bodies with some of these summer snacks!


1.  FUDGE PUDDING POPSICLES     from Mommypotamus





from Health Home Happiness






5.  COCONUT FRUIT TRUFFLES     from Mindful Mama


6.  ELDERBERRY GUMMIES      from Naturally Mindful


7.  FERMENTED ORANGE JELLO    from Oh Lardy!




8. CHOCOLATE COVERED BANANAS     from My Cultured Palate



9.  BUFFALO CHICKEN WING DIP     from Mindful Mama


10. ORANGE CREAM CUPCAKES     from Primally Inspired 



11.  CHEWY BANANA COOKIES     from Mindful Mama



12.  CRUNCHY CARROT SALAD     from Mindful Mama



13.  MINT CHOCOLATE CHUNK ICE CREAM     from Mindful Mama


14.  ZESTY LEMON COCONUT BALLS     from Jule’s Fuel



from A Joyful Mother


16.  PROSCIUTTO WRAPPED AVOCADO     from Ancestral Nutrition


There you have it!  16 Summer Snacks that are SUPER-healthy, and SUPER delicious.  Be encouraged during the craziness of summer events, that with a little effort and planning you and your families can enjoy some really great summer snacks without sacrificing your health.  I hope you enjoy these new recipe ideas! 


♥ Mindful Mama


Shared with Well-fed Wednesday (The Well Fed Homestead blog)

Easy Probiotic Strawberry Limeade

Easy Probiotic Strawberry Limeade


1.5 C water

1/2 C maple syrup/honey

1 serving of stevia

1.5 C strawberries

1.5 C fresh lime juice (about 10-12 limes)

4 C unflavored kombucha

  1. Add water, berries and sweetener to pan to simmer until soft (about 10 minutes).
  2. In the meantime, squeeze limes to make juice.
  3. Once soft, blend berries in small food processor until liquid.
  4. Chill lime juice and berries together, adding kombucha right before serving. (Check tartness and add more stevia if needed)


*Could substitute seltzer water if you don’t have kombucha.

*Raspberries are great in this too!

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