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Natural Healing Stories- Autism

Natural Healing Stories- Autism

natural-healing-stories autism


Today begins an amazing series on Natural Healing Stories!  I have been wanting to share these incredible, encouraging stories for some time now. The chance is here! When you have chronic health problems, hope is often a distant memory.  Let these stories infuse hope and courage into those of you who are struggling with your bodies, or the family and friends you love who are in desperate need of healing.

Healing From Autism

I am so pleased to share with you an interview of a really amazing mama I met a couple of years ago.  When I met her another friend had told me that her son was diagnosed with autism, but ‘lost his diagnosis’.  I was AMAZED. I picked her brain and asked her a million questions about what she did to help her son’s body recover from such dysfunction.  I watched as her son played with my son of the same age and would have never been able to tell that he was even close to an autism spectrum disorder.  I’ve moved away from this friend, but have enjoyed keeping in touch with her and seeing how her lovely family is doing. I am so pleased to share some of her healing story with you here on Mindful Mama.


Tell us briefly when you first starting noticing your son was ‘sick’?

After Fosters 12 month shots…which were done at 13 months…he legs swelled right away. That same night. .he struck a fever of 104…we went to emergency room. .they couldn’t explain why. Foster knew how to say about 10 words. Such as mama, dada, up, kiki for kitty, ball, go etc…within a few days he would look at me & try to say Mama, and he could.only get out mmmmmmm…then by 3 weeks quit talking.

What official diagnosis did he receive from the medical field? How did they come to that?

I decided to take Foster to a private psychologist in Charleston. I didn’t want to wait for SC waiting list… We took Foster at 16 months. ..she diagnosed him with Autism.

In your opinion, what treatments (natural or conventional) have provided you the best results?

Right away we started the GFCF (gluten-free, casein free) diet…1st no milk..his eye contact was coming back…he laughed again. .my heart was jumping for joy…my baby was coming back to me!!!

Took out all gluten next…speech was coming…Yay!!!

We also use bio-medical supplements. ..this helps his gut & immune system fight back and helps him focus.

We did every therapy known to man kind. EI, OT, PT, SPEECH, ABA ,TALKING TURNS ,HYPERBARIC  OXYGEN THERAPY & sensory therapy. ..

All were amazing. ..sensory therapy was the strangest…but it brought back a lot of Fosters senses of touch…he never hugged or kissed anyone…gave you his forehead to kiss & hugged you backwards…giving you his back…he wouldn’t wear a hat…after this 8 week course every day 2x daily. ..

Foster wore a hat…Foster kissed me on the lips…Foster hugged me…I cant tell you the joys of what some people take for granted!!!!


What treatments (natural or conventional) have caused the most problems or brought about little healing?

None…all were good…my hope is that moms don’t ever give up!!!

I beat this …so can you!!!

Your present condition:  What symptoms/issues are you still trying to get past? What symptoms are no longer a problem for you any longer?

Foster has been mainstream since he was in 4K…he’s still on the diet. .still receives OT & ABA, and takes the nutritional supplements.


He jumps a lot when he gets excited and he says his favorite subject is NASCAR.

What encouragement would you offer to those seeking natural healing from medical problems in their life right now?

PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP…fight for your loved ones!!!

And please remember you have rights…and you don’t have to vaccinate if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. There are either religious or philosophical waivers in almost every state for school/daycare.



How I Got Fired (More Than Once) By My Pediatrician

How I Got Fired (More Than Once) By My Pediatrician


fired by pediatrician




I’m a RN.


You’d think that would have helped me out some when it came to room for me to ask questions and advocate for my children’s health.




I was seen the same as you. Just another crazy mom, questioning the medical establishment, and the holy vaccine grail… too much for her own good.


Round One


 I began my exit from mainstream medical worship around the time I asked my first son’s pediatrician (he was 3 months old) why there was aluminum in vaccines (a widely available fact).  After she looked at me and said “oh there’s aluminum in vaccines?”…and I answered affirmatively… she proceeded to tell me that I shouldn’t worry about avoiding toxins in vaccines unless I’m avoiding them altogether in the rest of my environment.  Hmm…because THAT makes sense.


Over a few interactions and refusal of my sons 4 month shots, she saw my skepticism and unanswered questions were mounting.


red bookThis is the time she offered to let me borrow her AAP “Red Book” on Infectious Diseases.  This big ol’ scary book was sure to bring me back over from the dark side.




This book was KEY for me, with all my brain-washed nursing background, to realize that my child was at low risk for almost all of the diseases that were vaccinated against.  And the diseases that they were most at risk for contracting were diseases that had very low complication rates, and practically non-existent mortality rates.  I simply made a list of risk factors for contracting each disease, and checked them up against my actual child’s situation (risk factors such as daycare setting, crowded living space, poor immunity, non-breastfed, premature birth, and poor nutrition).  (By the way this individualized care could  be done for each child’s unique situation, but the time and intentionality it would require would NEVER happen in the mainstream medical setting.)


Instead of her book being an effective scare tactic, it brought knowledge, understanding and empowerment.  Growing up Catholic we were indirectly taught that the priests were the ones who could interpret God’s Word for the people, as the people were certainly incompetent to do it themselves.  Here I was facing that misguided belief again:  Doctors know the truth, and they alone can translate it accurately to lay people.   I strongly believe clergy do not have greater access to the truths of God, and I also believe parents should never feel they are incompetent to delve into this complex topic and come out with a solid understanding of the facts. 


Here began my relentless quest for as much data, information, theories, philosophies, historical evidence and facts as I could possible consume as a mom responsible for her child’s health.  My thirst was insatiable, I could not stop until I had asked and answered a million and one questions.


cute diverse kids mamimozart


While still naïve, I was hoping to find a pediatrician who was more educated on vaccine issues and more open minded to the right of parent’s choice. (Did I mention that office ‘unintentionally’ gave my son the Hepatitis B vaccine during his 2 month appointment? BTW that happens often)  So feeling VERY unwelcomed and uncomfortable in our first pediatricians office, my husband and I sought out the care of another pediatrician that we heard was more open.


Round Two


Just leaving that last unpleasant situation we were pretty upfront with this new pediatrician.  I told her I did not need a well-child doctor, but rather would like to use her expertise when my children were sick, and I was unsure how to treat them. I gave her a two page list of the bullet-pointed reasons why we were not vaccinating at this point, and asked her to place it on my chart. (I WISH I could see the snickers from the office staff as they read over it…..the same lack of respect they show for parents who hand them their birth plan). We discussed vaccines in length and these were the most notable statements she offered:




“My patients, and your children’s health is the most important thing to me, and I would never use vaccinations if they could cause problems in these children.”


Oh and then there was the, “the connections that have been made between vaccination and adverse effects are ALL coincidental. None of them have been proven to be ‘causal’. “


Yikes.  She was no different. But I was here and I was going to give it my best shot (no pun intended).


  I asked her if she was comfortable with us not coming to well-child check-ups (as I know has my second child who was around 4 months), and she said she was fine with that.  She said as long as she saw them ‘once in a while’ that would be fine.  Well, my kids are rarely sick, and when they are I effectively support them at home.


 One day, however, both of my kids had ‘pink eye’. I was using breast milk and tea bag soaks and it had yet to resolve. I was working that night and weekend and was going to be leaving the kids with my hubby.  So thinking ahead I called my pediatrician’s office to request an antibiotic eye drop prescription in the event that it did not resolve on its own.  Well apparently that flagged out chart and reminded the Dr. that we had not been there for some time now, and I got the reply that she would not call in that prescription, and that we would have to come in so she could see the kids face to face.  Well, I had no time to bring them in and quite frankly I was annoyed by the way I was being treated. I did not go in and, surprise, my children’s healthly little bodies recovered fine from that minor infection.


The story was not over.  A few days later the mail man knocked on my door with a piece of certified mail for me to sign for.  I signed in confusion, shut the door and plopped down on my couch to see what in the world this was.  Much to my surprise I opened a very defensive letter, written by my pediatrician, stating if we did not schedule a well-check appointment in X amount of days, then we would be dismissed from the practice.


cancel-97633_640Shock.  Serious shock. How in the world, as her customer, voluntarily using her services as we needed, was getting KICKED OUT of her practice because we weren’t playing by her rules.  O…I was mad. I was really mad. Had medicine really become this?


My husband and I talked and prayed and talked some more.  We felt completely disrespected as parents, and that our wishes disregarded. It was very clear who was in charge here, and it sure wasn’t us.  We decided to not continue care at this office, as they unfortunately did not value us as their patients. I wrote a letter, expressing the huge disappointment in their professionalism and care, and never heard from them again.


Onto the next pediatrician.


Round Three


She was very kind at first, did not push vaccines, and even ‘let us’ wait on treating strep throat with antibiotics (which we successfully fought without them!!!) But as time went on, and more conversations were had that showed how completely different our parenting/health paradigms were, things got a little more hostile.




One day I found a tick on my son’s skin that appeared to have been there for some time.  We had several family friends who had severe health problems with Lymes disease, and the recommendation from these natural advocacy organizations they were working with for Lymes disease was to treat all tick bites prophylactically.  This REALLY stressed me out as I have never given my children antibiotics, and did not want to in any way.  But I spend the next 24 hours reading as much as I possibly could about it and we hesitantly came to the decision to seek out the preventative antibiotics for the potential that the tick that bit him had Lymes disease. I called my pediatrician and told her our concerns and that we would really like a prescription for Lyme-prevention after this tick bite.  I talked about how it is becoming more standard to give them for prevention as the window of opportunity is so small.  I told her I was hesitant to give them, but that I was really uneasy about Lymes disease and that I would give aggressive probiotic supplementation during and after the course.  She agreed to write me the prescription and that was that. (Looking back I’m not sure if I would do that again, I’m still trying to figure out my approach when it comes to tick bites, but I still feel it is a parent’s right to request certain treatments they have educated themselves on).


Or so I thought.


I called a couple months later for something like a physical, and the receptionist put me on hold. She came back and told me that we were no longer welcomed as patients of this Dr.


Jaw on the floor.


I fumbled over my words, questioning the receptionist’s words.  She told me she didn’t know why, but that is what my doctor had said.  Once again I was totally deflated by the tactics being used on me because I did not comply with the way they expected patients/families to behave.


 I asked to talk to the doctor.  She called me back and we had a very emotional conversation about what had happened. She told me that she will never be pressured like that again and that it was totally inappropriate of me as the mom to ask her for what I want for my kids.  I kindly disagreed, but apologized that I came off that way.  I told her that just dropping a patient because of this is inappropriate and unfair.  She agreed to welcome us back into the practice.  I felt like I had been heard, but still felt embarrassed, unsupported and frustrated.


Somewhere along the way mainstream medicine subtly took parents’ rights away.



I don’t know how this has happened, and why no one questions it….but I’m so done with it. (Read more about the ways medicine has become unscientific and unacceptable).medicine




My children were entrusted to me by God to care for, provide for and protect. 


No one else has this charge, and NO ONE else cares for my children like my husband and I do. 


To truly believe your doctor cares for your child as you do, is unbelievably ignorant.


money-93206_640You are another patient, another chart number, another appointment to get through quickly to meet patient quotas.


Your doctor may have entered medicine to help people, but there are many standard protocols, practitioner expectations and conflicts of interest that keep them from being able to honestly say they care the most about your child’s health.


It’s laughable at this point to even mention that doctors, nor pharmaceutical companies are even liable for vaccine injuries.  In the 1980’s an act was passed called the “National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program”.  This relieves any potential liability from doctors who PRESCRIBE and GIVE these vaccines, and all the legal liability lies on the US government.  So basically all you have to do is sue the US government to receive compensation for the tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills you pay for your child’s vaccine injury.  Just imagine how likely THAT is to happen. Hilarious, huh?


We moved to another state, and after these many bad experiences, I’ll just say that we’ve been here for a year….and have yet to hire a new pediatrician.



-Mindful Mama

Feeding an Adopted Baby Without Commercial Formula

Feeding an Adopted Baby Without Commercial Formula


homemade formula3

The quest to offer my children the chance for the best health possible has led me further down the road of natural health than I would have ever imagined.

Well actually, I never imagined being anywhere NEAR the road of natural health.

I am a RN. Not only that, I grew up in a world and culture where mainstream medicine was duly adhered to. No questions asked.

Having children and the subsequent millions of new decisions that lie before you….can really make you examine your understanding of important things.

After a process of grueling discussions, countless hours of reading and careful reconsideration my husband and I decided it was our role to take ownership of our children’s health.  We did. And we haven’t looked back.

We honestly grew into this process in such a natural way, one change after the other, all for the purpose of supporting and strengthening our children’s bodies to function the way they were so beautifully designed.

THEN, a curve-ball came when we adopted our son at 2 weeks old.

camden anthony



Continue reading what we did to feed our sweet boy

with the best nutrition possible!!



Our story shared on The Healthy Home Economist………read here.


comemrcial formula


homemade formula2





Be sure to read the rest of our amazing journey to nourish our adopted son with the best nutrition possible!
Read the story HERE, featured on the Healthy Home Economist.


11 Ways Mainstream Medicine Became Unscientific

11 Ways Mainstream Medicine Became Unscientific


how mainstream medicine became unscientific


 Working in the medical field as a RN for several years I have become keenly aware of the lack of scientific integrity behind much of what practitioners in mainstream medicine do on a and day-to-day basis. I also have studied in great depth holistic health ideas and approaches, and it is here that I see real promise and hope for the chronically sick patients that fill our waiting rooms, desperate for answers.


Those who ascribe to the natural health paradigm versus the mainstream medicine paradigm can’t get very far sharing their findings without hearing ‘oh those things are so unscientific, don’t waste your time”. Anything outside the direct promotion of the AMA, AHA, ADA, ACS, AAP….is quickly deemed and written off as “UNSCIENTIFIC”. Many in mainstream medicine go as far as clumping any approach that is different from their own, together and throwing a big “dangerous” stamp of disapproval on them.


The tables have turned in medicine.  If a drug can be approved by the regulatory agencies, found to not kill/disable too many individuals in preliminary studies and then can be featured in the pharmaceutical-funded ‘scientific journals’……we say ‘THIS drug is a great scientific approach to handling this medical problem”.  The irony of the whole system is the VAST majority of the time it is never explored WHY this medical problem is occurring in individuals.  Therefore, the treatment is always a band-aid, and the REAL science behind the matter is never uncovered.


I would like to propose that mainstream medicine has fallen FAR from it’s once scientific roots.  Detailed here are some of the sad realities that define mainstream medicine in the 21st century.




1. Medicine became unscientific when medical doctors programs dropped nutrition training and subsequently doctors have little understanding of what fuels the body they are treating.



2. Medicine became unscientific when doctors began handing out prescriptions per patient request (drug commercials anyone?) Come now.



3. Medicine became unscientific when doctors order tests, perform procedures and surgeries that are unwarranted, for fear of liability, rather than the individual patient’s best.



4. Medicine became unscientific when scientific literature says one thing, and doctors individual practice looks completely different, seriously lacking in scientific integrity.





6. Medicine became unscientific when patients are not aware of any other option than the one their practitioner is suggesting, and informed consent is no longer a value that is upheld.


7. Medicine became unscientific when serious drugs are licensed by the FDA for certain medical indications, and yet they are used liberally for other medical problems that they are not licensed for.






9. Medicine became unscientific when a doctor, trusted with his patient’s well-being, gives medications that cause a variety of adverse effects, and to remedy the situation, prescribes more pills, with more harmful effects, for those new symptoms, continuing a vicious cycle.



10. Medicine became unscientific when access to promising treatment options are intentionally kept from the public’s view, for the sake of the perpetuation of traditional treatment options (whether they work or not).




These realities can cause one to really reconsider their approach to their own health.  With a system so broken, and a paradigm that has deviated so far from its once largely scientific foundations….the weight falls on the consumer.  It is no longer possible for a person to maintain or regain vibrant well-being without taking ownership of their own health.  This call to ownership is no easy road…it requires mindfulness in all health decisions and a strongly proactive approach to prevention. Please, let me remind you that the road of disease and chronic sickness is a terribly lonely, painful road. Spend one day in the hospital and this devastating reality will become crystal clear.


Put all your health eggs in the basket of mainstream medicine and the reality is you WILL be using them often, now or in the future, regardless of whether or not that is your intention.  Rather, put your heart and energy into living a natural lifestyle that supports and fortifies your body, and you will have FAR less need to utilize mainstream medicine to be healthy.



Shared on Natural Family Today, Nourishing Joy, Real Food Forager, Fight Back Fridays

Anti-Flu Yogurt Poppers

Anti-Flu Yogurt Poppers

Flu season is almost here, and like always, there is urgency to PREVENT oneself from getting the flu.

Well a lot of people have ideas of the best way to do that…and I’m all for the ones that are natural, safe and have a history of working!

I got the great idea to make these from Sarah at The Winthrop Chronicles. Here is the original recipe. I wanted to try them for my kids, but I wanted to use homemade yogurt for all its benefits and elderberry for flu prevention…..There couldn’t be a more TASTY or EASY way to help prevent the flu this season!

 antiflu yogurt poppers

ELDERBERRY for Flu Prevention

A versatile herb, black elderberry (Sambucus nigra) has been known throughout the ages as a potent immune booster — tackling colds and influenza, heart disease and even cancer. Used for centuries as a folk remedy in North America, Europe, Asia and North Africa, modern science has begun to take notice of the exceptional healing properties of this berry. Jammed packed with organic pigments, flavonoids, vitamins and minerals, elderberry is an excellent addition to any herbal medicine chest.
Natural News

YOGURT for Immune System Strengthening

 Homemade yogurt is CHOCK full of beneficial bacteria that fortify the intestinal track from pathogens (viruses: flu) and toxins (among dozens of other benefits!). It offers nutrients in an easily usable form and is high in calcium, iodine, B-vitamins along with other trace minerals and vitamins. It is a great source of protein and fat, and if it’s from grass-fed cows it also offers high levels of beneficial omega-3 and CLA (anti-cancer). The fats and proteins present in yogurt are essential in building and maintaining a strong immune system, and the fat-soluble vitamins play an intricate role in immune function.


1 C. of homemade yogurt

2 T. elderberry syrup

Sweetener to taste (with honey, maple syrup or liquid stevia)


  1. Stir ingredients together in a bowl.
  2. Pour into a small zip-lock bag, cutting off the tinniest snip of the corner of the bag.
  3. Squirt out small drops of yogurt onto parchment paper until yogurt is gone.
  4. Freeze until solid.
  5. Flip off parchment paper and store in container in freezer.
  6. Eat quickly once out of freezer! These Anti-flu Poppers will melt if they are in warm little hands for too long!



10 Tips to Feed Your Baby a Nutrient-Dense Diet

10 Tips to Feed Your Baby a Nutrient-Dense Diet


Feeding a baby is of utmost importance for their health and development. I have learned so much about it through each kid (doing the wrong thing first!) and share here these time-tested principles for feeding children who will thrive from a real-food, nutrient dense diet!

Read my guest post on Homemade Mommy.




All-Purpose E.O. Spray

All-Purpose E.O. Spray

Cleaning naturally is not as hard as it seems at first thought. This all-purpose spray is easy to make, very inexpensive per batch, and works great!! Many essential oils, including the ones in this recipe, are potent anti-microbials- disinfecting things just as well, if not better than synthetic chemicals.

Easy Directions:

  • 5 drops lavender EO (essential oil)
  • 10 drops tea tree EO
  • 5 drops lemongrass EO (optional)
  • 5 drops peppermint EO (optional)
  • 1/8 C baking soda
  • 3 C water
  • 1/8 C vinegar


Stir ingredients together in a bowl, then with a funnel pour into a plastic/glass spray bottle and shake before each use.

Apply to any hard surfaces (bathroom, kitchen, play room), scrub if needed, and wipe dry. Your surface will be disinfected, clean and smelling wonderful—-all naturally!



**Picture/bottle available at Rail 19

Nurse Mom- Abscess Healing Complete!

Nurse Mom- Abscess Healing Complete!

After continuing the treatment for my 5-year-old sons abscess, I want to gladly update you on how the problem resolved.


Beginning of Abscess  Day 3

Early abscess Day 3


Diagnosis: Abscess (yes I CAN diagnosis my own children, thank you)


  • ‘On Guard’ Essential oil

  • Lavender Essential oil

  • Vitamin C (acerola cherry powder)

  • Elderberry extract

  • Cod-liver oil

  • Probiotics (in food and supplement)


  • No refined sugars



à Also added colloidal silver supplement (topically and orally), tea tree E.O. topically and SECRET weapon….RAW honey topically!


Natures Medicine Cabinet

Prognosis: Complete healing from this infection, without the use of antibiotics or I&D (incision and drainage)

Day 4...getting worse

Day 4…getting worse


The night of Day 5- very painful and hard

The night of Day 5- very painful and hard


Well, I can very gratefully report that the prognosis I made on Day 4 was true by Day 6! I really believe all of these natural interventions helped support his system as it was doing exactly what it needed to do to take care of this infection before it became systemic. I read that raw honey can help draw out bacteria, so I applied a drop of raw honey on the band-aid the night of Day 5, and when he woke up the next morning Day 6, there was a slight dripping of liquid from the abscess and I KNEW we had made it!!

Day 6- Opened on its own! I squeezed the pus out- not fun- but a must if you want it to heal

Day 6- Opened on its own! I squeezed the pus out- not fun- but a must if you want it to heal

 As long as the body has a way of letting the infection escape, it usually can cleanse it from within and stop it in its tracks before it spreads to other tissue and the blood supply. I just wanted the body to create an ‘opening’ on its own without a laceration, and the honey helped facilitate that! Once that opening was there, all I had to do was apply pressure to both sides of the abscess, and out came that nasty bacteria-laden pus!  It hurts- A LOT- when you squeeze it, but it’s the only way.  After a couple big squeezes, I had him soak in a bath with lavender E.O. to make sure there wasn’t any more that needed to come out, but when he got out and I squeezed again, it was ’empty’.  He was really glad about that 😉

Pus gone, pain completely gone and skin healing up! No drugs and no blades.

Pus gone, pain completely gone and skin healing up! No drugs and no blades.


I am thrilled that we did not have to opt for antibiotics or an invasive procedure. It was not a pain-free event for him, and I hope this doesn’t happen again (I’ve explained to him how he cannot pick at his bug bites and such, we’ll see if he stops!)—but I am so thrilled that we’ve learned firsthand some easy methods to respond to an abscess—naturally and with success!

♥Nurse Mom



***Just sharing my story, please consult with your medical practitioner before you do anything you are unfamiliar with/untrained to do to your child.

Nurse Mom: Small Abscess Healing

Nurse Mom: Small Abscess Healing

A couple of days ago my 5 year old son showed me what appeared to be a ‘pimple’ under his upper thigh (Day 1). I didn’t think much else of it until he showed it again to me a couple of days later (Day 3) saying he thinks ‘it needs to be cut off’. This extreme language made me question if it was something more than what met the eye. After I palpated it I realized there was a small abscess growing under the skin the size of dime. This definitely made me pay attention more.

I began applying “On Guard”, immune essential oil blend, directly to the area, as well as supplementing with vit C, elderberry extract, and making sure I was regular with cod-liver oil and probiotics. (He has been in the sun a lot so I didn’t give addition vitamin D.)


Day 4 it had become the size of a quarter underneath the size and the reddened area (Erythema) on the skin had expanded a considerable amount. No fever. Good appetite (too good!). Regular activity levels, regular sleep.


I will continue to treat the situation as described and will monitor the size, tenderness and redness over the following days to see how this progresses/resolves. I will share the results with you regardless of what I decide to do. I do not believe that it will require antibiotics or I&D (incision and drainage, the typical treatment for an abscess).


Diagnosis: Abscess (yes I CAN diagnosis my own children, thank you)



  • ‘On Guard’ Essential oil
  • Lavender Essential oil
  • Vitamin C (acerola cherry powder)
  • Elderberry extract
  • Cod-liver oil
  • Probiotics (in food and supplement)
  • No refined sugars


Prognosis: Complete healing from this infection, without the use of antibiotics or I&D




*Don’t mind the adhesive marks from the bandaid 😉

7 Steps to Eliminate Headaches- Naturally!

7 Steps to Eliminate Headaches- Naturally!

Reports show that around 50 million Americans suffer from severe, long-lasting, reoccurring headaches. Headaches/migraines are one of the most common reasons people see a doctor as well as one of the most misunderstood conditions in mainstream medicine.

(I’m using migraine/headache interchangeably as they often have similar causes and respond to similar treatments.) 

There are several different root causes of headaches, which is probably why historically they have been so complicated to treat. Headaches are another classic example of the medical field missing the cause and simply ‘treating’ the symptom.

The common treatment for migraines in not very impressive, 50% of patients finding some prevention, with a range of serious side effects.  Common treatment for tension headaches also infrequently knock the headache out, with the ANNOYING side effect of ‘rebound headaches- getting a subsequent headache because you took the medicine!

For anyone with chronic headaches, the medication options available are clearly not realistic long-term.


1.) Magnesium:

Magnesium is needed in over 300 chemical reactions in our bodies. Up to 80% of Americans have a magnesium deficiency.

You’re probably one of them. What if your headaches were simply a sign that you are magnesium deficiency?

Symptoms include  “Anything that feels tight or crampy like headaches, constipation, anxiety, insomnia, irritability, sensitivity to loud noises, muscle cramps or twitching, and palpitations.” (complete list here)

Supplementing daily with magnesium oil is a great option, as it’s more readily absorbed through the skin than the oral route. You can even make your own for cheap-cheap. Try rubbing this on your neck during a headache.

2.)  Food:

  Gluten/wheat is one of the biggest triggers of headaches. 

  Food allergies often manifest as headaches.

 Caffeine, alcohol, and sugar are other common food triggers (they all happen to deplete magnesium stores as well) 

Be a detective and start a food diary- nailing down your triggers will be worth it.

3.)  Gut TLC:

Gut dysbiosis (overgrowth of harmful pathogens in the gut) can be a large source of toxicity in the body, leading to many symptoms, including headaches. ‘Cleaning up the gut’ will turn it from a source of assault on the body to a source of nourishment.

Therapeutic probiotics, cod-liver oil, digestive enzymes, animal fats, homemade stock and fermented foods will all help to strengthen and rebalance the gut flora.

4.)  Physical manipulation:

Chiropracticacupuncturecraniosacral therapy and therapeutic massage (by yourself or professionally)

 Four very effective modalities for getting to the root cause of headaches, and alleviating the symptoms long-term.

5.)   Take care of that body!

Sleep, exercise and stress.  Any 3 of these out of balance will easily cause headaches. It’s a no-brainer. Ha.

 6.)  Dump food additives:

Artificial preservatives and chemical additives like: MSG, nitrates, sulfites, and aspartame can seriously trigger headaches!

(another reason why making the switch to REAL food is just plain easier for your health in a million ways!)

7.)  Essential Oils:

Peppermint, lavender, frankincense, DoTerra “Tension Blend” or “Deep Blue”– these work WONDERS when you feel a headache coming on and to reduce pain during it. 

(My favorite are the blends with peppermint in them, or just the straight up peppermint, feels divine when you have a headache!)


As I have battled with chronic tension headaches for years now, I have come to realize that…

PREVENTION is the KEY when you’re being hammered by constant headaches.

It is more challenging to stop the headache naturally once it starts, but I am convinced that taking steps to address the root cause is the pathway to freedom from headaches. Don’t let headaches control your life, take control of your health and make these hugely beneficial steps to eliminate headaches from your life!!

Mindful Mama





Chiropractic Wellness, Volume 12, Issue 7, pg.32

Healing is HARD- Prevention is Where it’s At

Healing is HARD- Prevention is Where it’s At

Three of the most important things I’ve learned  since I’ve entered this world of natural health would be:


– Healing IS very possible- BUT….

-Healing is VERY hard work- THEREFORE….

-Prevention is where its at.



So simple, and yet I cannot express the

depth of value there is in prevention.


This significant reality is given lip-service here and there, but is VASTLY undiscovered and majorly ignored. It’s just not exciting or compelling enough to get noticed.


Since adults often seem indifferent in prevention for their own lives, lets talk kids for sake of a good argument.


Chronic childhood conditions” (coined “the three C’s” by Katherine Erlich MD, author of Super Nutrition  for Babies) are present in almost every american family.  The numbers that these conditions are rising by and to yearly are unprecedented.



Allergies, asthma, chronic ear infections, eczema, ADHD, colic, reflux, constipation, food intolerances, celiac disease, behavioral problems, gastrointestinal distress, autism-spectrum disorders, autoimmune diseases, childhood cancers, dental problems…


It’s no longer just the adults who ‘don’t take care of themselves’ that are the chronically ill ones in our society, its our CHILDREN!


If children are not VIBRANTLY healthy in a culture …something is seriously wrong.


Unfortunately, the parents who are most eager to get things back to the way they were suppose to be in their children’s diets and worlds, are those that have seem the harsh, cruel, unrelenting nature of chronic illness… just keeps on rearing its ugly head, as more and more problems develop.


I firmly believe that people’s bodies, when given the proper nutrients and environment needed, can and will heal. HEALING IS POSSIBLE.  For children the possibilities are even greater as their damage has only just begun.  BUT, it requires ALOT of hard work to bring these children’s bodies back up from the slippery slope they’ve started plummeting down.


Read for even 10 minutes the stories of the parents below who are trying to recover their children from various chronic issues, and it will be clear to you that HEALING IS HARD.  I know this personally, not because I have a child with a chronic childhood condition, but rather because I am one. I have been ‘sick’ since I was a child with an autoimmune disease, allergies and weaker immune system. On my healing journey I have so often wished that I didn’t have to do all that I possibly could to regain my health, but rather that I could have entered into adulthood simply maintaining vibrant health.  I am still hoping, praying and working very,very hard for healing….and i’m seeing great signs….but i’m not there yet. HEALING IS HARD.


  Recovery from autism 

Another recovery from autism

Recovery from leaky gut

Recovery from many things

Recovery from asthma

Recovery from multiple delays



Healing is VERY, VERY hard.



Typically, I am calling out to parents with chronically sick kids already, encouraging them towards natural healing and its vast possibilities….



but today I am making a desperate, honest call to those parents whose kids are. not. yet. sick. 



Yes- there is healing available for these awful problems, BUT PREVENTION is calling out unforgivably and demanding that it be heard. You hold the incredible power of prevention for your children. You and only you.


Learn from the parents who have gone before you, wishing so desperately that they had known what they know now.  Heed the wisdom of centuries past where these very common childhood conditions, were virtually unheard of.  Learn about the nutrient-dense diets that cultures all over the globe have thrived off of prior to the introduction of processed foods. Uncomplicate your world, and go back to the basics, the simple foundation of our health coming from our food.  You don’t have to learn all the in’s and out’s of what the body requires, which foods have what, how this works with that… can bypass all that information, and just let it take root in your bodies as you are consuming REAL FOOD.  You don’t have to understand it all….just EAT IT!


“Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.”   
Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine”

Yes, it may cost you SO MUCH to make nourishing your family a top priority…..but what makes willingly compromising your children’s health worth it?  If eating and living the way our bodies were designed to be nourished can truly prevent health issues in your childs present and future (which it CAN!), wouldn’t any sacrifice be worth loving and investing in them in this way?  Less money on entertainment…less time out of the house…more time in the kitchen….more time finding good food sources….


What if learning how to cook and feed your family real, nutrient-dense food would require you to quit your job, live off of one income and eat most meals at home?  How much is too much sacrifice for the health of our kids?? Yes, the sacrifices it might take may seem very counter-cultural and possibly over-the-top to others…..but when it comes to protecting our children’s health in the most powerful and effective way….


Prevention is where it’s at.

♥ Mindful Mama


The hope of prevention


“Food is one of the most powerful tools you have to protect, preserve, and ensure your baby’s health and well-being. In the coming chapters, we’ll introduce the concept of Super Nutrition and explain how providing foods that are rich in critical nutrients, as well as reducing toxins, will enable your baby’s body to function optimally. We’ll focus on what you can proactively do to create a fundamental base of good health for your baby and significantly increase the odds of your baby living a long, happy, and healthy life.” 
Excerpt from “Super Nutrition for Babies”
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10 Reasons Vaccines Aren’t Questioned

10 Reasons Vaccines Aren’t Questioned

What kind of car seat, what brand of bottles, daycare, nursery furniture, crib bedding, jogging stroller, baby food, hospital, attachment parenting or not…

So many things parents ask questions about as they are getting ready to have a baby……

Despite the significant rise in parents who are questioning mass vaccination, MOST parents don’t give much thought to getting their children vaccinated.

It’s become a part of our modern-day culture and common medical intervention that, while it receives its share of media hype,

remains unexamined by the people making the decisions…the parents.


My observations why:

1.)  There are fewer injections than actual vaccines. (SOURCE)

  • This gives parents a false sense of security in thinking they are only getting “a few vaccines” each visit.
  • For example, the Pediarix is 1 shot…with 5 different vaccines in it.
  • Why doesn’t over 48 doses of 14 vaccines by the age of 6 THREATEN the average parent?


2.)  The shots are quick and close to painless.

  • Can you imagine if it was an infusion that took hours until it was complete? The quickness of the intervention doesn’t allow for much questioning while it’s going on. Once it’s done, it’s done and parents feel like there’s no “going back”.


3.)  Parents are told they are ‘mandatory’.

  • The thought is ‘they couldn’t be harmful if they were mandated by the government’. (By the way they ARE NOT mandatory!!!! This is a.big.fat.lie.)


4.)  Parent’s believe no other reasonable people are questioning them, so why should they.

  • 25% of parents had serious concerns over vaccines in the year 2000. I’d bet that number is even higher now. (USA Today, Oct 30,2000)
  • Studies have shown the vast majority of people who questions vaccines are highly educated, including countless numbers of researchers, medical professionals, lawyers and people in the sciences.


5.)  Doctors REASSURE parents they would never do anything that could hurt their child.

Does this sound familiar?! Almost every parent who sincerely questions vaccination with their pediatrician hears this one. How can a doctor who orders dozens of different drugs a day for their patients, with thousands of side-effects, EVER say that in honesty? It’s absurd. Drugs cause adverse effects. Period.

A caring doctor does not magically neutralize vaccine toxicity.


6.)  Vaccines are believed to be the main cause of infectious disease eradication.

7.)  You often don’t ‘see’ vaccine reactions, apart from low-grade fever and irritability.


8.)  In a culture that uses pharmaceuticals as a fix for everything, they fit perfectly.

  • America accounts for 5% of the population in the world, and we use 50% of the prescription drugs worldwide. Yikes.


9.)  The parents that question vaccines are unfairly viewed as rebellious activist with unfounded worries- that need to stop rocking the boat.

Why would anyone in the right mind choose to be put in that category?!




10.)  Brainwashing from VERY effective media propaganda.

  • vaccine billboard 2vaccine billboard

  • Billboards, magazines, commercials, newspaper articles, pamphlets in doctor’s offices….constant and biased as can be.

  • Paid for in LARGE part by BIG pharma…



What are some reasons you didn’t question vaccination?

What reason would be good enough to keep from being informed?

What if there were more billboards like this?



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Medicine Has Consequences

Medicine Has Consequences


After this past years election I kept hearing a famous political commentator say “elections have consequences….elections HAVE consequences”, reminding the American people that there are very real consequences to every election, whether good or bad.


Well I found myself really resonating with what he was trying to convey to a very temporal-minded people. Elections do have far-reaching consequences.


So do drugs.


I am amazed at the uncanny ability people have to disregard in their minds the VERY REAL consequences of their medical choices, particularly when it comes to taking drugs.


I am often mistaken for being over-zealous for natural health, or under-supportive of ‘main-stream medicine’…yah know, being a nurse and all.


Really though, if you’ve walked where I’ve walked and seen things the way I have come to see things, my conclusions really are the most natural ones to draw. What is far more shocking is that people who work in the medical field are NOT overwhelmingly cautious about medications and procedures. The negative consequences of them are ALL AROUND us in the hospital, the damage- impossible to avoid. Unless of course, they, like the rest of this country, effectively disregard the effects these myriad of medications have on the human body.

Digging just under the surface of the simple act of popping a pill, lie thousands upon thousands of red danger flags demanding our attention. Medication is FAR from benign.

  • Adverse drug reactions in this country by drugs taken according to directions with the appropriate dosing, causes approximately 106,000 deaths a year (SOURCE)
  • Medical error causes approximately 98,000 deaths a year (SOURCE)
  • Making these the 4th and 6th leading causes of death


What these studies brought to light should be astonishing to us consumers of the main-stream healthcare system. These numbers are not ‘case-studies’ of imaginary people…these are real people, with real families and real lives.


These are not statistics to me, they represent faces. Faces of people I have cared for in an average emergency department in this great country that spends the most money on healthcare.


Faces like:

(and his endearing wife who stood by his side, singing, stroking his face, and reminding his what a wonderful man he was)

  • The postpartum mother who has hemorrhagic stroke due to the administration of pitocin
  • The postpartum mom who came in being resuscitated 1 month after having her baby via c-section, dying of a massive pulmonary embolism (clot in lungs) most certainly from her major abdominal surgery (c-section)
  • The man in his 50’s playing tennis who dropped dead from a massive heart attack, that was shown to be caused by the avandia he was taking for his slightly elevated high blood sugar
  • The woman in her 30’s who took steroids for a couple of years due to back pain from a car accident, the steroids causing avascular necrosis, the complete deterioration of all of her socket joints, leading to 6 joint replacements in 2 years and a lifetime of continued replacements until she dies
  • The woman in her 70’s coming in dizzy with acute rectal bleeding due to the NSAIDS she just started for her arthritis
  • The baby who was born premature and through medical error his bowel was punctured, leading to a colostomy bag as an infant, months later a colon resection then months later another repair due to bowel obstruction from the scar tissue


I need to stop myself. I could go on.and.on.


The saddest part is most of these stories are recent cases I have encountered….i’ve lost track of so many of the stories I promised myself I would never forget. They are endless.


Ignorance is NOT bliss, folks.


We have surrendered our freedom to a paradigm that says: the medical field always knows best, always takes our best interests in mind, would never recommend something if there were negative consequences, and can solve any type of problem that they might cause.


WRONG. This is simply not true.


You are NOT going to get FULL disclosure from the medical field. There are wayyyyyy too many variables to prevent this from happening.


Maybe many medical professionals want you to believe those fallacies. But there are many who want YOU to take responsibility of YOUR health, and stop expecting them to do so.


I am one of them.


I am a good nurse. BUT I have made MANY mistakes. – because I’m human


And I give drugs that I have no idea what to expect from. –because I have to and because no one really knows


I take part in procedures that may be unnecessary.- because I have to


I make recommendations that I don’t really think will be helpful, and will most likely make the situation worse. – because I have to


Everything you do regarding your health has consequences—potentially good, potentially bad.


It is YOUR JOB to be informed about the pros and cons from as many angles as you can, and stop handing your health on a platter to the medical world and expecting them to preserve and nurture your health.


You are your BEST advocate. You are your child’s BEST advocate.

A call to responsibility…A call to understanding…A call to mindfulness.

GAPS Seminar Reveal

GAPS Seminar Reveal

Here is the video, yes rather amateur nevertheless very informative, of the GAPS Program 101 seminar I put on. I am glad to have this resource available to those who want to learn more about the connection of our gut health to the rest of our bodies. Several people who are now implementing the GAPS program have found this compilation of information very helpful. I hope you do as well!!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

GAPS Seminar and Start-up Help!

GAPS Seminar and Start-up Help!

Last night I presented a seminar on the GAPS program. It was a fantastic night! We had a great turn out with around 25 people attending. This was such an encouragement to me, as I would LOVE to help people now and in the future implement the GAPS program successfully and reap the benefits of it! We had some attendees who were already on GAPS diet and finding that their sugar addiction was gone, while another person with diabetes shared their blood sugar levels were normal and ‘severe digestive disorder’ was completely gone. These were encouraging real-life examples of people finding healing through GAPS! We videotaped the 1 ½ hour presentation, and will be working on editing it a bit and getting it posted online for anyone to view. Here are some resources I wanted to share for those interested in learning more about the GAPS program.


How to Prepare for Going on the GAPS diet:

Intro quick-guide (chart)

Intro and Full Recipes: (fav. site) (other fav. site)

Informational Websites:

Classes and How-to Resources:

Go grain-free online cooking class

Grain-free/GAPS meal plans

30 Day GAPS Introduction Diet E-book

Easing into GAPS 5-4-3-2-1

PLEASE!!! There are many wonderful GAPS-centered blogs. The column on the right side of my blog has many GAPS sites I follow. Everyone has a different style and likes different foods, so search for a few that you really click with and go with those for looking for recipes! ALSO- under the RECIPE tab on the top of my blog I have taken the time to list MANY (almost every!) recipe I’ve made. A lot of them are my own, with many of them sourcing out to other great GAPS-blogs. They are tested and liked! Take advantage of this—you will avoid many food blunders if you’re doing recipes that ‘work’!


Must-see video resources: (Video that was shown last night) (More of Dr. Natasha- watch all her stuff- she’s great!) (start around 2:00 minutes) (There are many segments to this woman’s presentation, great resource)



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