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Feeding an Adopted Baby Without Commercial Formula

Feeding an Adopted Baby Without Commercial Formula


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The quest to offer my children the chance for the best health possible has led me further down the road of natural health than I would have ever imagined.

Well actually, I never imagined being anywhere NEAR the road of natural health.

I am a RN. Not only that, I grew up in a world and culture where mainstream medicine was duly adhered to. No questions asked.

Having children and the subsequent millions of new decisions that lie before you….can really make you examine your understanding of important things.

After a process of grueling discussions, countless hours of reading and careful reconsideration my husband and I decided it was our role to take ownership of our children’s health.  We did. And we haven’t looked back.

We honestly grew into this process in such a natural way, one change after the other, all for the purpose of supporting and strengthening our children’s bodies to function the way they were so beautifully designed.

THEN, a curve-ball came when we adopted our son at 2 weeks old.

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Continue reading what we did to feed our sweet boy

with the best nutrition possible!!



Our story shared on The Healthy Home Economist………read here.


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Be sure to read the rest of our amazing journey to nourish our adopted son with the best nutrition possible!
Read the story HERE, featured on the Healthy Home Economist.


10 Tips to Feed Your Baby a Nutrient-Dense Diet

10 Tips to Feed Your Baby a Nutrient-Dense Diet


Feeding a baby is of utmost importance for their health and development. I have learned so much about it through each kid (doing the wrong thing first!) and share here these time-tested principles for feeding children who will thrive from a real-food, nutrient dense diet!

Read my guest post on Homemade Mommy.




“Ohhh…that’s good too”

“Ohhh…that’s good too”

I remember the first venture I made “by myself” as a new mom of two. My husband had a baseball game and I had to get out of the house, so we packed everything up and loaded the kids in the car on the way to the game. With my oldest being only 1 ½ and not really used to this whole “sit and be good your sister needs me” thing, I decided to bring some milk that I had just pumped instead of nursing her in the stands. We get there and my husband leaves to play and my daughter appears to be hungry so I take out my milk and start feeding her. Pretty uneventful. This woman, maybe in her 50’s, walks over and the first thing she says to me is “oh is that Enfamil???” I confidently reply, “oh no this is my milk”, and awkwardly she replies “ohhh, well, well that’s good too honey”, as if she had pity on my poor state of affairs to have to give my child breast-milk!!!


I was dumbfounded to say the least! How in the 21st century could the public still not be educated to the point of the simple understanding of the vast difference in health of formula-fed and breastfed babies?! When formula entered the scene it became the luxury of the rich to use and not have to resort to breastfeeding, but it has been PROVEN over and over and over since then that formula is inferior in dozens of ways to breast milk.


Breast milk is not “good too”…breast milk is best, tailor made for the human body in all its beautiful complexities.

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