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Medicine Has Consequences

Medicine Has Consequences


After this past years election I kept hearing a famous political commentator say “elections have consequences….elections HAVE consequences”, reminding the American people that there are very real consequences to every election, whether good or bad.


Well I found myself really resonating with what he was trying to convey to a very temporal-minded people. Elections do have far-reaching consequences.


So do drugs.


I am amazed at the uncanny ability people have to disregard in their minds the VERY REAL consequences of their medical choices, particularly when it comes to taking drugs.


I am often mistaken for being over-zealous for natural health, or under-supportive of ‘main-stream medicine’…yah know, being a nurse and all.


Really though, if you’ve walked where I’ve walked and seen things the way I have come to see things, my conclusions really are the most natural ones to draw. What is far more shocking is that people who work in the medical field are NOT overwhelmingly cautious about medications and procedures. The negative consequences of them are ALL AROUND us in the hospital, the damage- impossible to avoid. Unless of course, they, like the rest of this country, effectively disregard the effects these myriad of medications have on the human body.

Digging just under the surface of the simple act of popping a pill, lie thousands upon thousands of red danger flags demanding our attention. Medication is FAR from benign.

  • Adverse drug reactions in this country by drugs taken according to directions with the appropriate dosing, causes approximately 106,000 deaths a year (SOURCE)
  • Medical error causes approximately 98,000 deaths a year (SOURCE)
  • Making these the 4th and 6th leading causes of death


What these studies brought to light should be astonishing to us consumers of the main-stream healthcare system. These numbers are not ‘case-studies’ of imaginary people…these are real people, with real families and real lives.


These are not statistics to me, they represent faces. Faces of people I have cared for in an average emergency department in this great country that spends the most money on healthcare.


Faces like:

(and his endearing wife who stood by his side, singing, stroking his face, and reminding his what a wonderful man he was)

  • The postpartum mother who has hemorrhagic stroke due to the administration of pitocin
  • The postpartum mom who came in being resuscitated 1 month after having her baby via c-section, dying of a massive pulmonary embolism (clot in lungs) most certainly from her major abdominal surgery (c-section)
  • The man in his 50’s playing tennis who dropped dead from a massive heart attack, that was shown to be caused by the avandia he was taking for his slightly elevated high blood sugar
  • The woman in her 30’s who took steroids for a couple of years due to back pain from a car accident, the steroids causing avascular necrosis, the complete deterioration of all of her socket joints, leading to 6 joint replacements in 2 years and a lifetime of continued replacements until she dies
  • The woman in her 70’s coming in dizzy with acute rectal bleeding due to the NSAIDS she just started for her arthritis
  • The baby who was born premature and through medical error his bowel was punctured, leading to a colostomy bag as an infant, months later a colon resection then months later another repair due to bowel obstruction from the scar tissue


I need to stop myself. I could go on.and.on.


The saddest part is most of these stories are recent cases I have encountered….i’ve lost track of so many of the stories I promised myself I would never forget. They are endless.


Ignorance is NOT bliss, folks.


We have surrendered our freedom to a paradigm that says: the medical field always knows best, always takes our best interests in mind, would never recommend something if there were negative consequences, and can solve any type of problem that they might cause.


WRONG. This is simply not true.


You are NOT going to get FULL disclosure from the medical field. There are wayyyyyy too many variables to prevent this from happening.


Maybe many medical professionals want you to believe those fallacies. But there are many who want YOU to take responsibility of YOUR health, and stop expecting them to do so.


I am one of them.


I am a good nurse. BUT I have made MANY mistakes. – because I’m human


And I give drugs that I have no idea what to expect from. –because I have to and because no one really knows


I take part in procedures that may be unnecessary.- because I have to


I make recommendations that I don’t really think will be helpful, and will most likely make the situation worse. – because I have to


Everything you do regarding your health has consequences—potentially good, potentially bad.


It is YOUR JOB to be informed about the pros and cons from as many angles as you can, and stop handing your health on a platter to the medical world and expecting them to preserve and nurture your health.


You are your BEST advocate. You are your child’s BEST advocate.

A call to responsibility…A call to understanding…A call to mindfulness.

Cherry Bombs

Cherry Bombs


2 ¾ C blanched almond flour

½ t baking soda

½ t real salt

6 T butter

3 T honey

5 servings liquid stevia (or 1/3 C honey total)

1 T almond extract

½ C shredded unsweetened coconut

½ bag of frozen cherries/OR fresh pitted cherries

½ C sesame seeds



  1. Heat butter on stovetop until melted, add in almond extract towards the end.
  2. TURN HEAT OFF, then add honey and stevia, stir until melted.
  3. In kitchen aid add dry ingredients together, then slowly add in honey mixture until dough is well mixed. (check dough for sweetness and add more sweetener if needed)
  4. Take a small ball of dough, flatten out and wrap completely around 1 frozen cherry.
  5. Roll cherry bomb in sesame seeds.
  6. Bake cookies on 350 degrees on parchment paper for 10-13 minutes or until starting to get golden colored.




The almond-cherry flavor combo in these CHERRY BOMB cookies is very complimentary!! Biting into this sweet, chewy dough only to find a melted sweet cherry inside—there’s nothing more fun!! ;o) This WILL be a crowd pleaser, kids and adults alike!

GAPS Seminar Reveal

GAPS Seminar Reveal

Here is the video, yes rather amateur nevertheless very informative, of the GAPS Program 101 seminar I put on. I am glad to have this resource available to those who want to learn more about the connection of our gut health to the rest of our bodies. Several people who are now implementing the GAPS program have found this compilation of information very helpful. I hope you do as well!!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Sausage Balls with Honey Mustard Sauce

Sausage Balls with Honey Mustard Sauce


Honey Mustard RECIPE:

1- 12 ounce bottle of mustard (Dijon or stone-ground)

3 T raw honey

2 garlic cloves

½ C oil (I combined olive/almond/sunflower- any of these should work)


  1. Blend first 3 ingredients together in food processor.
  2. Using the dripping attachment, slowly add the oil into top of processor to make dip fluffy and thickened.



Serve with this delicious sausage ball recipe. These are a great appetizer or snack. We keep coming back to this simple and very satisfying recipe. We had leftovers of the honey mustard sauce and found it makes a fantastic salmon or steak marinade.

Raspberry-Lemon Macaroons

Raspberry-Lemon Macaroons

rasp macaroons2

Makes 3 dozen large macaroons


1.5 C egg whites

3 T coconut flour

3 ½ C unsweetened shredded coconut

1/2 C freeze dried raspberries (or finely chopped cherries/cranberries)

¾ C honey

2-3 servings of stevia

½ t lemon oil

Zest of 1-2 lemon

Pinch of salt


  1. Beat egg whites until soft peaks in kitchen aid.
  2. Add stevia, lemon oil, zest and salt.
  3. Very slowly add honey stream just until it incorporates into meringue. Do not overbeat or egg whites will ‘breakdown’.
  4. Add coconut flour once honey is in.
  5. Fold coconut and fruit into mixture.
  6. Spoon onto lightly greased parchment paper. Create a mound shape that is higher than wide.
  7. Bake on 225 degrees for around 1 hour or until slightly golden and getting crispy on top.


  • If you want a less chewy, more crispy macaroon, after bake time place cookies in dehydrator on highest setting for several hours until completely crispy.
  • If you want your macaroons to keep their ball shape better (and not flatten out), heat honey on stove top until it bubbles for 5-10 minutes. Then add very slowly to mixing egg whites.
  • I save my egg whites from making mayo, adding egg yolks to fresh juice-smoothies and other dishes that call for just yokes. Pastured eggs are too expensive to throw the whites away ;o)
  • This makes a lot of cookies! Freeze some for a treat later!

Dill Fish Cakes

Dill Fish Cakes

dill cakes

Makes about 17 medium (3 inch) patties


Just under 2 lbs of white fish (flounder, cod, swai, tilapia)

1 small onion- chopped

1 C celery root-shredded

4 garlic cloves

2 eggs

¾ C blanched almond flour

½ C fresh dill

½ t real salt & pepper

2 pinches of cayenne pepper

Animal fat for frying (we used tallow/butter)


  1. Grill or bake S&P’d white fish until moist and flaky.
  2. Sauté celery root and onion for 5 minutes on medium.
  3. Add garlic and cook for another 2 minutes.
  4. In food processor combine eggs, almond flour, garlic, ½ t salt, dill and cayenne pepper.
  5. Add cooked fish pieces and sautéed veggies to food processor pulse until just blended.
  6. Form into medium patties.
  7. Sauté patties in fat for 2-3 minutes a side over medium heat, until golden brown.
  8. Place on a plate with a paper towel to absorb excess fat.
  9. Spoon with (optional) sauce below. Serve and enjoy!


Creamy Dill Sauce:

1 C homemade sour cream

¼ C yogurt

Large handful of dill

¼ t salt + pepper

Juice of ½ lemon

  1. Blend ingredients in food processor. Be sure not to over blend it or it will turn into butter!


This is a fun way to experience ‘crab cakes’ without the expense. An inexpensive seafood dish that is delightfully tasty just can’t go wrong!

Freeze for a quick meal or a protein on the go, they are so well formed and not greasy you could eat them in the car! They are so yummy your kids will be begging you for more. Mine were ;o)

Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip

Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip


I cannot wait to let my husband try this recipe out! I’m certain he will not let another person touch it, once he gets his hands on it! I would never have thought this beloved football game recipe of ours could ever be a nutrient-dense snack- but this recipe tastes SO much like the ‘real’ thing I was shocked! I often keep these ingredients made in the fridge (ranch, cream, chicken) and if this is the case, this dish takes literally 5 minutes to throw together. It takes a little planning to make it happen, but you will be SO pleased you did! The result is a creamy, cheesy, mild-medium spicy appetizer that will be quite the crowd pleaser.


2 ½ C cubed/shredded chicken-cooked

1 C homemade sour cream

¼ C Frank’s Red Hot Sauce (no GAPS-illegal ingredients)

1 C cheddar cheese- shredded

1 C crumbly blue/gorgonzola cheese crumbles

¼ C homemade ranch dressing


  1. Mix all ingredients together well.
  2. Put into butter-greased medium sized glass pan.
  3. Bake for 20 minutes on 350 degrees until bubbly and hot!


Dip with some fresh veggies or homemade crackers! YUM!

Grain-Free Fruit-N-Nut Granola

Grain-Free Fruit-N-Nut Granola




1 C sunflower seeds (sprouted and dried if you can)

3 C mixed nuts (any combo of almonds, walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts, pistachios)- coarsely chopped

1 C unsweetened shredded coconut

½ C blanched almond flour

1.5 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 teaspoon ground ginger

1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg

1/2 teaspoon sea salt

½ C unsweetened applesauce

½ C coconut oil

¼ C honey

20 drops of liquid stevia (or more honey to taste)

1 cup of any combination of dried cranberries, cherries, golden raisins or chopped apricots


  1. Combine nuts, almond flour and spices in bowl.
  2. Whisk together coconut oil, applesauce, honey and stevia.
  3. Mix the wet and dry ingredients until well combined.
  4. Spread mixture out thin onto greased baking sheets.
  5. Bake for 20-30 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes until golden brown.
  6. Add in dried fruit and let cool and crisp completely on sheet before putting in mason jar.


(Adapted from this recipe to make it a GAPS-friendly granola)


  • I make this in a double batch while all the ingredients are out so it can last a while!  We all love it! Sprinkled on yogurt or ice cream, handful for a snack, or topping bananas and PB- it’s a great treat!
  • Can store room temperature, or if you eat it slowly, in fridge.
  • Have applesauce get to room temperature before combining with coconut oil so that oil doesn’t harden when it touches the cold apple sauce.
  • Watch the granola closely after 20 minutes, it will brown quickly.
  • Get creative: could add sesame or poppy seeds, or even gogi berries, cacoa nibs or dried blueberries!
  • Soak nuts/seeds prior to making this granola to make it more easily digested and nutritious.

Fruit Medley Breakfast Claufoutis

Fruit Medley Breakfast Claufoutis

Adapted from this recipe at Nourished and Nurtured (A favorite blog of mine!)

Apple-Pear-Raspberry Claufoutis


8 eggs

3 pears- peeled and chopped small

3 medium apples- peeled and chopped small

½ C blueberries or raspberries (fresh or frozen) (optional)

1 stick of butter (melted)

2/3 C homemade sour cream (or coconut milk works great too)

2/3 C blanched almond flour

¼ C honey

SPICES: 1 t cinnamon, ¼ t nutmeg, ½ t real salt, 1 t vanilla, 1 t almond extract


  1. Beat eggs and spices together.
  2. Put the rest of the ingredients into large bowl and combine well.
  3. Pour into a buttered 9×13 glass pan.
  4. Bake for approx 45 minutes on 325 degrees until the center is set.



  • Store in fridge for a quick breakfast during the week.
  • Some prefer this cold as it is like a custard.
  • Could serve with coconut whipped cream or homemade whipped cream as a dessert.
  • If the pear skin is really thin, you don’t need to peel for this recipe.

Lemon-Drop Cupcakes with Lemon-Cream Frosting

Lemon-Drop Cupcakes with Lemon-Cream Frosting

Make this delicious lemon-drop cupcake recipe from Nourishing
Home….then make my GAPS lemon-cream frosting below!



¼ C coconut butter/manna

1 egg

½ C butter- softened

1.5 t vanilla extract

1 t lemon oil, 1 t lemon zest

¼ C honey (try for a more mild honey like clover, sage or orange blossom…the lighter in color, usually the more mild the taste)

Pinch of salt

(follow these directions exactly)

  1. Beat egg, vanilla and salt together in mixer.
  2. Heat honey on stovetop until it boils.
  3. Add coconut butter to hot honey, only until it softens.
  4. Very slowly pour hot honey into beating mixture, let mix on high speed for 5 minutes until fluffy.
  5. In the meantime beat softened butter in separate bowl until creamy.
  6. Add butter to the rest of the mixture and beat until combined.

The result should be super creamy, perfectly sweet and wonderfully delicious!



  • I doubled all the ingredients (to use for 2 desserts) in this except only did 1/3 C of coconut manna (because I’m cheap ;o)
  • The coconut flavor is mild enough that it should be complimentary with any recipe that calls for butter-cream. It won’t firm up hard unless it is put in the fridge. If using it for ‘frosting’ cookies, you should frost them and then in a single layer on a cookie sheet, put them in the fridge to harden before you layer them in a container. Keep refrigerated/frozen until use.
  • Makes enough for a batch of cupcakes, I would double it if you wanted to use if for anything more than that.


Chewy Banana Cookies

Chewy Banana Cookies


2 very ripe medium bananas

1 C peanuts (roasted, unsalted) (pecans/walnuts work well too)

1 ½ C almond flour

½ C raisins

1 t baking soda

½ t real salt

1 ½ t cinnamon

1 ½ t vanilla extract

3 T honey (or 2 servings of stevia) Adjust for sweetness.

  1. Put all ingredients (except ½ C peanuts and raisins) in food processor.
  2. Blend until mostly smooth. Check sweetness.
  3. Stir in ½ C chopped peanuts and raisins.
  4. Grease cookies sheet with coconut oil. Scoop cookie shapes onto sheet.
  5. Bake on 350 degrees for 10-13 minutes or until firmer top and mostly cooked in the middle.

These cookies are MARVELOUS!! Such a fun treat! They are the firmness of cookies with wheat and texture is so similar! The nutty flavor pairs great with the bananas, I’m sure almond butter would be great too! They are chewy and moist- you’ve got to try ’em. It makes approx 2 dozen medium cookies. They should freeze great to if you want to make a couple of batches (recipe doubles well) for a trip or to have handy when you or your kids want a sweet snack!

No-pasta Mac-n-Cheese Cups

No-pasta Mac-n-Cheese Cups


Although I haven’t tried to, it seems I am mimicking a few pasta dishes lately with my recipes. I do love pasta- can’t help my heritage ;o)- but I honestly haven’t had cravings for pasta since I’ve been on GAPS. It sounds good- but I am by no means craving it. These Mac-n-Cheese cups were VERY satisfying, I can’t wait to make them again!! They really have a mac-n-cheese feel to them….definitely not the Kraft blue box kind, the creamy, soft cheesy kind, like both my mom and mother-in-law make (well made, they’re grain-free currently). I’m sure you could put this into a casserole dish, like you would with pasta mac-n-cheese, but I thought the cups would be fun for the kids, and make them on-the-go. They were a huge hit- and so glad that it is such an easy recipe!

Inspired by this recipe.


3 C spaghetti squash-cooked

1 C cheddar cheese

¼ C parmesan

1 t real salt, ½ t basil, ½ t garlic powder, pepper

¼ C cream (cultured)

4 eggs

Coarse almond meal


  1. Cook spaghetti squash in large glass pyrex face down for 45 minutes on 350 degrees.

    (take it out before it gets completely cooked, leaving it ‘al dente’)

  2. Beat eggs with cream and spices.

  3. Stir in cheeses and squash.

  4. With kitchen scissors roughly cut the whole mixture, making the squash and cheese more bite-size.

  5. Line muffin tin with liners, pour mixture into each cup, filling to the top.

  6. Top each with a sprinkle of almond meal and extra parmesan/basil.

  7. Bake for 20-25 minutes on 350 degrees until set.


Serve after they have cooled for 5 minutes, or eat straight from the fridge- they are delicious cold! You could probably freeze these well, and take out a batch for a picnic or travel. Can you imagine them with bacon crumbles on top? O-MY—YUM!



Carrot-Apple-Coconut Salad

Carrot-Apple-Coconut Salad

2 large peeled apples-shredded or sliced

5 carrots- shredded

½ C unsweetened shredded coconut

½ C walnuts-chopped

1 C homemade yogurt (may be less, enough to coat)

¼ C raisins

Juice of 1 lime or ½ lemon

Zest of 1 lime/lemon


  1. Shredded carrots/apples in food processor.
  2. Mix yogurt, juice, zest and honey together in the bowl with a top.
  3. Add in carrot/apple mix and remaining ingredients.
  4. Mix together well, serve, put the rest in fridge.



  • Try with golden raisins and pecans.
  • Instead of shredding apples, use the food processor that ‘slices’ into thin apple chunks. This brings a different texture.
  • You can double this recipe making a large amount, keep in the fridge for the week conveniently.
  • Replace the walnuts with sunflower seeds to reduce the cost of this even more.







This is a great kid snack (adults too!), side dish or easy dish to bring to an event/potluck. You will find yourself going back again and again to this recipe as the flavors are so tasty together and you always have ingredients on hand! It’s also a pretty cheap grain-free snack

Pear, Plum, Apple Sauté

Pear, Plum, Apple Sauté


RECIPE: (any quantity or combination of these fruits)

5 pears (ripe, ripe, ripe!)

5 apples

3 plums

¼ C butter/ghee

1-2 t cinnamon, to taste

½ t cardamom

Pinch of real salt

Water as needed for cooking


  1. Peel and slice thinly all the fruit.
  2. In large stainless steel pan melt butter and add fruit.
  3. Let fruit simmer and cook down, adding spices. Top on or off.
  4. Cook for approx 20 minutes or until fruit is soft.


Here you have a delicious blend of sweet and creamy fruit that can be eaten fresh from the stove, enjoyed with a yogurt parfait, on top of homemade ice cream or served as a side with a pork dish. Store any leftovers in the fridge; it will stay good for at least a week. Eat it cold from the fridge, or warm it up for even more flavor!

Italian Chicken and Zucc Lasagna

Italian Chicken and Zucc Lasagna

I sure do love a good piece of lasagna! It must be the Italian in me, or maybe because it’s just good eating! Here is a fun GAPS-version of a lasagna dish. Clearly the sheets of pasta are missing, so the experience will be a little different, but the flavor and even texture are similar to a good old piece of Italian pasta lasagna!





4-5 zucchinis- use food processor to make smallest width circle/or cut by hand

¼ C homemade sour cream/yogurt (optional)

8 eggs

1.5 t each dried basil/oregano (fresh would be wonderful too! Just use more)

 3/4 C red sauce ( or 1 cup diced tomatoes, drained)

1.5 t real salt and fresh cracked pepper

2 c shredded chicken-cooked (or no chicken and 1 lb ground sausage)

1/2 C sausage,bacon or ground beef-cooked and crumbled (optional- great flavor addition!)

1 C cheddar cheese (or parmesan/romano)- shredded



  1. Pour zucchini circles into greased (fat of choice) 8×13 glass dish.
  2. Beat well cream, eggs, salt and basil/oregano together.
  3. Mix bacon, chicken, cheese and tomatoes into egg mixture. Pour over zucchini.
  4. Sprinkle with more Italian seasoning, pepper and extra tomatoes for pretty color.
  5. Bake on 350 degrees for 30-45 minutes, or until center is firm and set.



  • Cut/scoop and serve like a big old piece of lasagna. YUM!
  • My zucchini’s diameter didn’t fit into food processor so they didn’t end up being circles. No biggie.
  • When you pour the egg over, push the ingredients down a bit so the egg comes up over it. The zucchini are full of water, so even if it doesn’t look like it will be enough ‘liquid’ to form a casserole, it will be.
  • If you have any handy, a little red sauce to drizzle over might be a nice added flavor, it really didn’t need it though.
  • 1/4 C of sundried tomatoes in place of the diced tomatoes, along with 1/2 C red sauce to create enough liquid is a great variation.


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