♥ This is me and my darling family.  It’s amazing how much I love them.  I’ve been imaging the day I was “the Mama” since I was…well…a child myself!! I played house and tended to my dolls with fierce devotion.


Well the game is over, and real life is here.  And never would I have imagined– in a million years– how challenging being a parent is. Hands down, no questions asked…just plain hard.


In the almost 10 years that my husband and I have been on this parenting journey we have been revisited pretty much everything we thought was true about being parents and growing emotionally and physically healthy kids.  Some things we have held tightly, knowing them to follow in wisdom’s path, and other ideologies have gone out with the trash- gladly.

This site is intended to encourage parent’s to realize their ability and duty to study and understand the decisions they have before them surrounding the health of their children.  While it is a constant search to have a good understanding of so many ever-developing issues, the confidence that one gets when seeking to be informed is invaluable to parenting.



One of my passions is to gently remind parents of the sometimes-scary reality—-that it is their role to learn and understand well the health issues that profoundly affect their family.  THEN- from that place of better understanding, make MINDFUL decisions.  We have advice from a myriad of sources- grandparents, medical personnel, media, friends, present culture, government, religion, school, doctors…and yet not one of those sources has the responsibility to make these choices for your family, nor do they have to live with the consequences of them.



I am for parents making decisions

once they have invested time to become genuinely well-informed. 



While undoubtedly feel that main-stream medicine has its place, I have become aware of countless number of times when it has abused its power.  It’s promises and assurances have been fed to trusting parent’s over and over again- resulting far too often in risky/unnecessary interventions, chronically sick kids and sub-par health-care.


Ideally, parents should be encouraged to study all sides of issues from their health-care providers- but that is definitely not happening.  At some point along the way, the field of ‘medical doctors’ adopted a “priest-like” position. They look to the science/medical information to interpret its conclusions for the ‘lay’ person. ‘Surely no average person can weigh issues like a trained professional can’. This pervasive mentality in our culture calls me to believe that…

…it is NOW up to us as parent’s to re-establish what a parent’s role was intended to be.



We have been on this pursuit of real-food for around 8 years now, with exciting progress at every season. It truly is a journey…step by step doing the best you can. Be encouraged!


Our Progress:

One major advance we made in our health was through switching to a completely grain-free, sugar-free, lactose-free…totally unprocessed, whole-foods diet. Sound overwhelming? Yeah- pretty much was when I started.  We were on our way, but since we began the GAPS diet (similar to Paleo) October 2012, we fast-forwarded to a pretty nutrient-dense, close-to-perfect diet.  My husband and I decided on following the GAPS diet after being so sick of being sick! We did it for a year, and then began to transition some other foods we tolerated into our diets. The GAPS diet was a fantastic move for our family and it laid such a great foundation. We saw incredibly positive results in many of us.


In 2014 I completed my certification through Nutritional Therapy Association.  I have been seeing clients as a Nutritional Therapist since then, one-on-one, as well as in many class settings. I have been able to take people the furthest through this one-on-one, customized approach.  It’s nothing short of amazing to see people giving their bodies what they needs, and repairing the damage that has been done….and then REAPING the amazing health benefits of a well-functioning body!


My family now lives in Thailand, supporting overseas workers health physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Thank you for visiting my site, I hope today you feel encouraged to be the advocate you need to be for you and your family.


Be Mindful.






DISCLAIMER:  Information provided is meant to complement and not replace advice or information from health professionals.  I accept no liability for any of the decision you make related to information you read here.


Please excuse my sass. Realize this is my blog, where I express my understanding of things, on my journey.  Please don’t take offense to my writing style or the way I may say something.  Nothing I say is intended to be hurtful or directed towards anyone group or person.  Take what you can from my ideas, and don’t be offended by the rest!


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