Healing Stories- Cancer

Healing Stories- Cancer

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We’re continuing the series on Natural Healing Stories today. I have been wanting to share these incredible, encouraging stories for some time now. The chance is here! When you have chronic health problems, hope is often a distant memory.  Let these stories infuse hope and courage into those of you who are struggling with your bodies, or the family and friends you love who are in desperate need of healing.

I’m so glad that a family friend of ours was willing to share his long, extremely challenging, yet very hopeful journey. Cancer might be the diagnosis we are scared of most,  with reason, but like so many other things, conventional cancer treatments are not are only option.  Coming at cancer from many different angles, approaching it from the roots up, not just killing cancer cells, is proving to be effective for many people taking alternative cancer treatment routes. I can’t wait for you to read more…..


When did you first notice you were sick?

In October of 2006 I developed terrible pain in my lower back. It was first thought by the doctor to be a pulled muscle. I thought it was probably a disk injury.

What is the official diagnosis?

Multiple Myeloma

How did they come to that?

An MRI was done that showed my L5 vertebrae had collapsed and surgery was done to repair it. The bone marrow had been “eaten away” and since no injury had occurred to break the vertebrae a biopsy was done which showed cancer.

What treatments natural or conventional have provided the best results?

We immediately changed  to a vegan diet with hourly juicing which I did for a full year with great results. However, it became apparent after a couple of years when another vertebrae collapsed that I needed to do something more. I continued the diet and supplements regimen I had started but also added chemotherapy. I did well with this for a couple of more years but then began to get worse again. I recently went  to an integrative clinic in Arizona for 6 months. I received very intense therapy of daily IV’s to boost my immune system as well detoxing through sauna and coffee enemas which I feel are both very important and I plan to continue indefinitely. I did also begin a different oral chemo which I am still doing at this point along with a clean diet, detoxing and supplementation. It was during this time that I was able to stop receiving blood transfusions.

What have caused the most problems or brought about little healing? 

In 2006 after the first surgery I was subjected to radiation on my lower back to stop the spread of Myeloma to other vertebrae. This caused multiple stomach and digestive issues. It did nothing to stop the Myeloma.

In 2012 I was put in the hospital for four days of continuous IV chemotherapy. This damaged my kidneys to the point of needing dialysis, caused me to be very sick, and lose my hair with no benefit to treating the cancer. After going through this treatment I began having to receive weekly blood transfusions which by the time this ended I had received over 78 units.

 What symptoms/issues are you still trying to get past? What are no longer a problem?

I still have pain in my back and rib area. I no longer experience fatigue.

What encouragement would you offer to those seeking natural healing from medical problems right now?

There are multiple resources available to you. Diet is crucial in getting better and maintaining good health as well as good supplementation. Don’t give up. You can and must take charge of your own health. Take time to read up on and research the challenge you are faced with. Don’t just race to the first treatment the medical field steers you toward. You cannot just leave it up to your Doctor. The medical field sees very little to no relationship between diet and healing. Find a good natural Doctor to work with you or someone who has knowledge in the natural health field, but don’t wait any longer. Get started now taking charge of your own health.

     Here are some helpful resources if you or a loved one is dealing with a cancer diagnosis: 

 Www.envita.com Clinic in Arizona that Dave went to

Www.linchitzwellness.com   Clinic in Long Island

Www.hacres.com Therapeutic diet that can be very helpful with cancer and other conditions

Killing Cancer, Not People

The Kinder, Gentler Cancer Treatment

Outsmart Your Cancer

Cancer: Step Outside the Box

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