Coconut Butter-Cream Icing

Coconut Butter-Cream Icing

Have you ever been SHOCKED by the amount of confectionery sugar in a typical butter-cream icing recipe?? 4 cups of sugar shouldn’t be allowed in any recipe! I have been guilty of this crime, sad to say. But, while a lot of things can be re-created to be a healthy-whole food alternative…butter-cream is not one of them…..OR SO I THOUGHT…..


This is really yummy and meets the whole-food criteria for sure! This GAPS/Primal/WAPF friendly, refined-sugar free version will not disappoint. This first holiday season as we have been on the GAPS diet, I have been looking intently for a great go-to, versatile butter-cream icing. This is the result of reviewing a several different recipes and tweakinthis one to make one to meet my fancy. I was really hoping to find a recipe with coconut butter, as it is crazy delicious, but was having a hard time finding a butter-cream that used coconut butter….so here it is….it worked wonderful, and should come out creamy, smooth and semi-solid.


¼ C. 
coconut butter
1 egg
½ C. butter- softened
1.5 t. vanilla extract
1 t. almond extract
¼ C. honey (try for a more mild honey like clover, sage or orange blossom…the lighter in color, usually the more mild the taste)
Pinch of salt



  1. Beat egg, vanilla and salt together in mixer. 
  2. Heat honey on stovetop until it boils. 
  3. Add coconut butter to hot honey, only until it softens. 
  4. Very slowly pour hot honey into beating mixture, let mix on high speed for 5 minutes. 
  5. In the meantime beat softened butter in separate bowl until creamy. 
  6. Add butter to the rest of the mixture and beat until combined. 


The result should be super creamy, perfectly sweet and wonderfully delicious!

The coconut flavor is mild enough that it should be complimentary with any recipe that calls for butter-cream. It won’t firm up hard unless it is put in the fridge. If using it for ‘frosting’ cookies, you should frost them and then in a single layer on a cookie sheet, put them in the fridge to harden before you layer them in a container. Keep refrigerated/frozen until use. Makes enough for a batch of cupcakes, I would double it if you wanted to use if for anything more than that.


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