Nurse Mom- Abscess Healing Complete!

Nurse Mom- Abscess Healing Complete!

After continuing the treatment for my 5-year-old sons abscess, I want to gladly update you on how the problem resolved.


Beginning of Abscess  Day 3

Early abscess Day 3


Diagnosis: Abscess (yes I CAN diagnosis my own children, thank you)


  • ‘On Guard’ Essential oil

  • Lavender Essential oil

  • Vitamin C (acerola cherry powder)

  • Elderberry extract

  • Cod-liver oil

  • Probiotics (in food and supplement)


  • No refined sugars



à Also added colloidal silver supplement (topically and orally), tea tree E.O. topically and SECRET weapon….RAW honey topically!


Natures Medicine Cabinet

Prognosis: Complete healing from this infection, without the use of antibiotics or I&D (incision and drainage)

Day 4...getting worse

Day 4…getting worse


The night of Day 5- very painful and hard

The night of Day 5- very painful and hard


Well, I can very gratefully report that the prognosis I made on Day 4 was true by Day 6! I really believe all of these natural interventions helped support his system as it was doing exactly what it needed to do to take care of this infection before it became systemic. I read that raw honey can help draw out bacteria, so I applied a drop of raw honey on the band-aid the night of Day 5, and when he woke up the next morning Day 6, there was a slight dripping of liquid from the abscess and I KNEW we had made it!!

Day 6- Opened on its own! I squeezed the pus out- not fun- but a must if you want it to heal

Day 6- Opened on its own! I squeezed the pus out- not fun- but a must if you want it to heal

 As long as the body has a way of letting the infection escape, it usually can cleanse it from within and stop it in its tracks before it spreads to other tissue and the blood supply. I just wanted the body to create an ‘opening’ on its own without a laceration, and the honey helped facilitate that! Once that opening was there, all I had to do was apply pressure to both sides of the abscess, and out came that nasty bacteria-laden pus!  It hurts- A LOT- when you squeeze it, but it’s the only way.  After a couple big squeezes, I had him soak in a bath with lavender E.O. to make sure there wasn’t any more that needed to come out, but when he got out and I squeezed again, it was ’empty’.  He was really glad about that 😉

Pus gone, pain completely gone and skin healing up! No drugs and no blades.

Pus gone, pain completely gone and skin healing up! No drugs and no blades.


I am thrilled that we did not have to opt for antibiotics or an invasive procedure. It was not a pain-free event for him, and I hope this doesn’t happen again (I’ve explained to him how he cannot pick at his bug bites and such, we’ll see if he stops!)—but I am so thrilled that we’ve learned firsthand some easy methods to respond to an abscess—naturally and with success!

♥Nurse Mom



***Just sharing my story, please consult with your medical practitioner before you do anything you are unfamiliar with/untrained to do to your child.

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