The Taco Twist

The Taco Twist

My Italian family grew up eating well, mostly Italian food.  But, the great cook that my mom was, she often ventured into cooking cuisines of other cultures.  “Taco night’ was a much enjoyed night for myself and siblings.  

With grain out of our lives for now, we find other ways to enjoy ‘mexican’ food (at least our American interpretation of it!).

May I introduce to you ‘The Taco Twist’.

Your quickest, easy-does-it, grain-free taco.  




3 T animal fat (butter, lard, tallow)

2-3 thinly sliced bell peppers

1 thinly sliced onion

1 can diced tomatoes

3 garlic cloves minced or 1/2 t garlic powder

2 C cooked shredded chicken or ground beef


SPICES: 2-3 T chili powder, 2 t cumin, dash cayenne pepper, real salt

ADD-IN’s: salsa, avocado, raw cheddar, cultured cream, olives

WRAP:  2 eggs per person, salt


  1. Saute onions and peppers in animal fat for 10 minutes on medium, add garlic last minute.
  2. Mix in meat, spices and tomatoes, warm through on low letting flavors blend.
  3. While meat is warming, beat 2 eggs in bowl, and pour into small greased pan that is very warm.
  4. Lower to medium-low heat for 2 minutes while egg wrap cooks. Flip and cook for 1 more minute.
  5. Assemble taco mix into egg wrap and roll up.


This could also be served over tossed salad for a taco salad dinner or in a bowl for a ‘taco bowl’ dinner.   We’ve had and enjoyed all 3 options! The egg wraps are a fun way to ‘feel’ like you’re eating a taco, without having to mess with any alternative grains. Easy, convenient and delicious.  Yay.

We love taco night!

We love taco night!


taco bowl


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