Vietnamese Caramel Chicken

Vietnamese Caramel Chicken
Vietnamese Caramel Chicken


Well I definitely have never had Vietnamese food, nor attempted to make it before now, but this dish tastes pretty amazing!! I adapted it to make it GAPS-friendly from this recipe. We were serving 3 grown men, 2 women and 3 children, so we made a lot! I really enjoyed these flavors and textures- you will be fan of Vietnamese food after trying this!! Not sure how authentic it is the way I made it, but nevertheless, very very delicious.



14 skinless/boneless chicken thighs (around 2 packs)

4 T coconut oil

½ C water

½ C honey/maple syrup

1/3 C fish sauce-optional (no sugar)

¼ C apple cider vinegar

5 garlic cloves- minced

1 ½ inch knob of fresh ginger-grated

3 T coconut aminos

½ C raw cashews- chopped

Green onions-chopped



  1. Mix together water, honey, fish sauce, ACV, garlic, ginger and coconut aminos to make sauce.
  2. Cut chicken into medium bite-size pieces, place with coconut oil in large sauté pan.
  3. Sauté on high for approx 15 minutes with 1/2 the sauce mixture (until chicken is chestnut brown color and sauce is reduced and caramelized).
  4. Pour in remaining sauce, green onions and cashews and cook until chicken is tender. Approx 5 more minutes.
  5. Serve over ‘rice’ cauliflower, rice (if allowed) and/or with greens on the side.

    (To make rice cauliflower, simple use your food processor to cut cauliflower into tiny pieces and sauté with coconut oil until al dente. Toss with butter)


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    • Not necessarily– just be sure it doesn’t have sugar in it! Asian markets would probably have one with out sugar, as would amazon. :o)

    • Great! Thanks for leaving a review! So happy it was tasty! Sounds great with spaghetti squash. Blessings!