10 Reasons Vaccines Aren’t Questioned

10 Reasons Vaccines Aren’t Questioned

What kind of car seat, what brand of bottles, daycare, nursery furniture, crib bedding, jogging stroller, baby food, hospital, attachment parenting or not…

So many things parents ask questions about as they are getting ready to have a baby……

Despite the significant rise in parents who are questioning mass vaccination, MOST parents don’t give much thought to getting their children vaccinated.

It’s become a part of our modern-day culture and common medical intervention that, while it receives its share of media hype,

remains unexamined by the people making the decisions…the parents.


My observations why:

1.)  There are fewer injections than actual vaccines. (SOURCE)

  • This gives parents a false sense of security in thinking they are only getting “a few vaccines” each visit.
  • For example, the Pediarix is 1 shot…with 5 different vaccines in it.
  • Why doesn’t over 48 doses of 14 vaccines by the age of 6 THREATEN the average parent?


2.)  The shots are quick and close to painless.

  • Can you imagine if it was an infusion that took hours until it was complete? The quickness of the intervention doesn’t allow for much questioning while it’s going on. Once it’s done, it’s done and parents feel like there’s no “going back”.


3.)  Parents are told they are ‘mandatory’.

  • The thought is ‘they couldn’t be harmful if they were mandated by the government’. (By the way they ARE NOT mandatory!!!! This is a.big.fat.lie.)


4.)  Parent’s believe no other reasonable people are questioning them, so why should they.

  • 25% of parents had serious concerns over vaccines in the year 2000. I’d bet that number is even higher now. (USA Today, Oct 30,2000)
  • Studies have shown the vast majority of people who questions vaccines are highly educated, including countless numbers of researchers, medical professionals, lawyers and people in the sciences.


5.)  Doctors REASSURE parents they would never do anything that could hurt their child.

Does this sound familiar?! Almost every parent who sincerely questions vaccination with their pediatrician hears this one. How can a doctor who orders dozens of different drugs a day for their patients, with thousands of side-effects, EVER say that in honesty? It’s absurd. Drugs cause adverse effects. Period.

A caring doctor does not magically neutralize vaccine toxicity.


6.)  Vaccines are believed to be the main cause of infectious disease eradication.

7.)  You often don’t ‘see’ vaccine reactions, apart from low-grade fever and irritability.


8.)  In a culture that uses pharmaceuticals as a fix for everything, they fit perfectly.

  • America accounts for 5% of the population in the world, and we use 50% of the prescription drugs worldwide. Yikes.


9.)  The parents that question vaccines are unfairly viewed as rebellious activist with unfounded worries- that need to stop rocking the boat.

Why would anyone in the right mind choose to be put in that category?!




10.)  Brainwashing from VERY effective media propaganda.

  • vaccine billboard 2vaccine billboard

  • Billboards, magazines, commercials, newspaper articles, pamphlets in doctor’s offices….constant and biased as can be.

  • Paid for in LARGE part by BIG pharma…



What are some reasons you didn’t question vaccination?

What reason would be good enough to keep from being informed?

What if there were more billboards like this?



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  1. *sigh* Yes. and # 11… this issue is SCARY!!!! Seriously! My family has decided not to vaccinate and we re-evaluate every year just to make sure we are committed it because honestly it all leaves me shaking in my boots! However, I know that I would be exponentially more torn apart if any of my children experienced a vaccine reaction!

    Thanks for linking up to Wellness Wednesday. :)